Argos beat Elks with dominant second half on Sunday

EDMONTON — It was A.J. Ouellette’s turn to add 18 points for the 18-times Grey Cup champions Toronto Argonauts.

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Babying Cornelius by feeding him a smorgasbord of short dumps & runs is not the answer. You have to stretch the field & use all your weapons. Cornelius has been unable to involve Lewis & Mitchell, arguably their 2 best receivers. But he is not the only problem.

The bad news is the Elks now play 3 games in 11 days. The good news is they play Ottawa who has an almost equally dismal home record. With the Riders away & the TiCats @ home to follow, we’ll get a better feel on this team in the next 3 games. They gave away the Rider game. BC & the GC champs are really good clubs so an 0-3 or 1-2 start would be the expected result, no? Their season may well be defined by their next 3 games with the Riders & TiCats on deck after Ottawa.

Argos look tough & so far Kelly has looked good. But the reverse is true. Hamilton @ home & the Elks to start the year? A 2-0 start is not unexpected. Up next - BC. The game of the week in week 4. Still early. IMO the 3 winless clubs to date are not the team in the most trouble right now. With Begelton & Carey out, Henry gone for the year, the Stamps have lost arguably their top 3 weapons on offence. Things can change in a heartbeat.

That wasn’t all, he was unable to pick up blitzes all day and couldn’t get the ball out even to receivers wide open on blown covers. Most of all, he couldn’t take advantage of blitzes. How you stop blitzes? Start throwing the ball to where the blitz is coming from and take advantage but no - that didn’t happen.
Doege looked as good as in the pre season. Just getting the ball out and moving the ball. Call it garbage time or whatever but the team needs confidence and they did get their feet back under them after getting hammered at the start of the second half. Receivers showed they want the ball and went after every opportunity catching 23 of 29.

Sims was a huge bright spot, as were the teams in general - excepting the one play.

IF they can hold it together for a complete game in Ottawa I think we can win there.


Argos are an exciting team. With a good defence and a two headed monster at running back. They have ,a good quarterback who I think will be the best in the league at some point. Unfortunately I don’t think he will be around next year. I hope I’m wrong.

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Yup. I think they will be showing all season why they were Grey Cup champs. Not an easy team to stop, or even slow down.

Elks were burned by having the defence on the field too long again yesterday.

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No the Elks offense was burned by the Argo defense, that’s why the Elks offense couldn’t stay on the field very long.

Argos’ defensive front owned Edmonton’s O-line, totally.

Yup they threw blitz after blitz at them when they figured out our QB couldn’t get the ball out quickly.

So what is your opinion of Jones putting Locksley in at QB and then nailing him to the bench after giving him only one play?

It is what it is. I don’t see practice, I don’t see what goes on behind the scenes. I thought it was a bit severe but I don’t know why what happened happened.

Best guess the dressed QB’s were told to be ready to play when called on. Coach probably thought the game may get away and that’s why he dressed Doege, and Locksley - and left Ford on the 1 game, for evaluation.

…and Ford will dress for next week.


Locksley has been released. Are you surprised?