32,000+ were at the game!!!!!!!

ENGLAND , had a 80 yard interception return for a T.D. :thup:

RICKY , got his first running T.D. :thup:

ALLEN , had a great second half.


We are tied for first place in the east with MONTREAL :thup: was a good turnout, maybe building hype for a GC rematch!....RW's TD looked awesome, hilite reel material....Damon looked like he might need a hot tub later tonight, he is going to be sore tomorrow...

Ricky really turned it on for that run and the crowd was just waiting for him to do something like that and we just exploded. Except for Levingston's kick return nothing brought the crowd out of their seats like Ricky's TD run. He was as happy as a rookie scoring his first pro TD.

32 000 that's pretty good!!

I dunno about Ricky's TD. Sure they were out of their seats, but seeing Eric England chug almost the whole length of the field on that INT for a TD was pretty impressive too. You don't always see a D-lineman do that.

There was three big plays that brought the fans out of their seats. Levingston's punt return (bad hold by Franklin ruined that), England's big return, but the biggest explosion was Ricky's TD. Even calm old me was up signaling Touchdown. :rockin:

ENGLAND made the play of the game and had the games turning point for the ARGO win!

Eric England's TD was no doubt the turning point of the game but Ricky's TD produced the most emotion.
I think Eric was lucky one of the Stamps defender didn't get to knock the ball out of his hand when he held it aloft from the ten yard line in. That would have been a turning point.