Argos BEAT Als


RAY , looked awful but HARRIS , looked great again.

A.C. , looked fine but the real story was how great QUINLIN looked in his first series. Only 1 bad pass 3 complete [one of those a 50 yarder right on the money] :thup:

36,000+ at the Rogers Center :rockin: :cowboy:

This doesn't really bother me, but I find it interesting that their preseason game last year had attendance of 12k, and this year it was 36.

But, this year they invited 30k children, so does that mean adult attendance was actually 50% lower?

Not a great sign...

However, obviously this game happened at noon..

Either way, I think the league should some how mandate that all preseason games are free.

I never got to even listen to the game, but from the little I've read QB Harris might have won 2nd string spot over Jackson wit this game.

I'm a little surprised by that.

Also, how many hours until Quinlin is released? I'm assuming he was thrown in as an afterthought to say they gave him a chance...

I have ARGO season tickets with my wife and I didn't go to the game as many other adults didn't.
People had to work.

What was the attendance for other CFL teams for ex-games last year.???

QUINLIN , has signed a 2 year deal with Montreal and he made the most of his 1 series.
If a Montreal receiver didn't drop QUINLIN's last perfect pass he could have won the game for Montreal. :wink:
He did however throw a 50 YARDER right on the money in this game.

Sorry , :oops: a 41 yarder from QUINLIN.

Hi I just read the TSN article and saw he threw a 41 yard pass. Was that a legit 41 yard pass, or was it a 8 yard pass and then run type thing?

So with the 2 year deal that means practice roster then right? Hopefully with 2 years of practice roster experience he gets a good feel and get another shot in preseason with a team..

The pass was a 41 yard bomb right on the money. :thup:

Any thing could happen. He could go back to MAC for another year [if he has another year there] but for 2 years he is still the prop. of Montreal. Remember , even though this was an EX game he is still playing against higher quality talent than in the CIS.
Is it really that hard to believe that he could be good enough for the CFL?

He's likely going to be released and head back to Mac for his last season. I think that was always sorta the plan. I don't think anyone thought he'd make the Als. Still, it's nice to hear he played well.

surely more than 6k adults.

Give me a PHUCKIN break. :roll:

I bet you that the ARGOS WILL have a better average attendance than MONTREAL :lol:

IIRC season ticket holders were asked to donate their tickets to school kids.

Harris might be the first stringer the way Ray is playing :lol:

Thank You , I did just that. :wink:

And people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones as they say.

Why can't some people just be happy when some thing that the CFL does goes well?

Both RAY and Jackson should be looking hard over their shoulders. You could be right , however , it is only ex-games.

HARRIS , has looked great in 2 games now.

you never know....anything is possible tc.
Hopefully Harris' splendid play lights a fire under Ray's caboose for the season opener, as Barker may not hesitate to use a short leash this season after the prolonged Lemon experiment.
(although Lemon wasn't fully to blame for team woes)

and Harris is definitely a few steps above Bell.

Thankfully the ARGOS have a new head coach this year. :wink:

oh yeah..... :oops:

maybe... if the Argos host a playoff game this year. :wink:

I will put money on it. I will bet you that the ARGOS will have a better regular season average attendance than Montreal does this year. :cowboy: If Montreal sells out every home game this year , no matter what the ARGO attendance may be , you win. I will even give you that.

If MONTREAL doesn't sell out every game this year and the ARGOs have a better average regular season attendance than Montreal then , I win. :twisted:

If the Argos are competitive, they could very well hit 28,000+ avg. for the season...and if they are a league powerhouse, I could envision a 35,000 avg. for the year.

Between 2006-2008 the Argos averaged approximately 30,000 per season, thus fans have shown quite decent support in recent memory.
Even during the dreadful season of 2008 (4-14) the Argos still managed a very respectable average crowd of 29,189

The southern Ontario market may surprise many this year.

That is a fairly safe bet here. Given the Als did not sell out one of their regular season games last season, their season ticket base having dropped at last report, as much as this pains me, I do not foresee them selling out their 8 home games.

Argos play in the Rogers centre which easily holds more (45746) than Percival Molson stadium (25012), again a pretty safe bet that the Argos can outdraw the Als in 8 regular season games.