Argos Barker To Win Coach of the Year

8) Sportsnet, The Fan590's, David Alter has announced that Argo HC Jim Barker will be named the CFL Coach of the Year.
 The official announcement will be made this Friday.

Who cares, the guy's a goof.

Wow.. not quite sure how.. I mean the blew team won in SPITE of his decisions

I nominate this for post of the year. :thup:

Coach Barker deserves to win based on the Argo season. I think he had less talent to work with than other coaches in the league. Most fans want all the CFL teams to be competitive and the Argos were competitive. Having said that, I just hope that they are a little less successful against our TiCats. :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

I don't think that's true at all. The argos had a ton of talent they just had a bad QB. They had the best back in the league, some good receivers and a solid defense.

They did?

Copeland and Owens. I know Cope missed some time with an injury but he showed he still had some skill at the end of the season when he was back healthy.

This thread deserves a...


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Oski Wee Wee,


I know about Copeland but I don't think Owens could be considered a legitimate threat at receiver. It was a revolving door at the position all year.

He may not be that polished a receiver, but he is a legitimate threat to go a long way any time he gets the ball in his hands. I'm certainly comfortable with him at one of the wideout positions.

He has the speed and quickness to go the distance, but his hands are probably average at best. In a good group of receivers he would be a 4th or 5th option.

Here's how ...

Barker takes a team with a 3 and 15 record the previous season to a 9 and 9 record and the playoffs with a QB with zero CFL experience along with a first year special teams coordinator and a first year defensive backs coach on his coaching staff ....very impressive.

He stuns the highly-favoured Tiger-Cats at Ivor Wynne and eliminates them from the playoffs in the EDSF ... PRICELESS.

Nobody deserves the award more than Barker contest.

You summed it up beautifully my man!

At first I thought, "Wha?", but upon reflection considered many of the same things cited in Seymour's post. And of course, if you compare Barker with the previous coach (Andrus) the man is a qualified genius, human relations specialist, and supreme tactician rolled into one. :slight_smile:

Jim Barker has been named the 2010 #CFL Coach of the Year as announced by Jeremaine Copeland.