Argos Backups were no scrubs

In fact many of the players that played vs Montreal were starters or had starting CFL experience starting with the Oline featured two import OTs in Washinton and Rogers who have been spliting time at LT all season and Rogers played RT while Washington started at his LT spot. Canadians Eppelle and Holmes both have been starting of late at the OG position and young back up Center Koch saw plenty of PT while in EDM.
Chiles hit the starting line up and played for all three QBS.
On defense a couple of new CFL faces were on the Dline but neither Maybin or Thomas are short on experience both with extensive time on rotating NFL Dlines.
One of the more under rated Canadian players James Yurichuk started at MLB. Yurichuk was a key back up starting a lot of games for BC in 2011 and has been stuck behind such all star MLBs the last three years Elimimian, Bighill, and now McCune. 3 of the 5 cover spots on defense were DBS who saw extensive starting and PT this season.

The real real back ups were a couple of Canadian Receivers looking to bring there game to the next level and a couple of true import rookie DBs with great NCAA resumes at top schools in top conferences and both were among final NFL cuts.

All Toronto's game plan was to rough up Montreal. Used big Norwood on the ground to soften up the defense. They still lost to a struggling team in front of their dwindling fan base.

HfxTC wrote: in front of their dwindling fan base.
It'll be interesting if Rudge can get the season ticket holder base down to record lows, I think it was in the 2000 range in early/mid 90's. Let's watch and see. :lol: Go Chris! :twisted:

Who cares about the Naughts back-ups!!!!!! The Cats back-ups were BETTER!!!!!.....end of discussion!!!!!

Well said bobo! :thup: Love the pic. :thup: