Argos Back to Back!

After last week's debacle against the Tiger Cats, could the Als have a worse way to finish out the season? First place is locked up and we're stuck with two games against the sad sack Argos with Cleo "Lemon" at the helm and then a "bye" week. I'm nervous about our chances of reaching the playoffs in fighting trim. Thoughts?

Hopefully the Alouettes are simply "funking" from clinching early once again.
Larry Taylor's back so that could give us a leg up on special teams.

A lot have people have been mystified that Toronto has won as much as they have this season.
While people often mouth the words, it's worth repeating:
Special teams are a third of the Canadian game...perhaps more.
Chad Owens will probably crack 3,00 all-purpose yards...winning Special Teams Player of the Year.
With Corey Boyd vying for the rushing title...they have half a great offensive attack.
And their "bend not break" defense has surprised a few very good teams.

If the Alouettes can stop Boyd and the cover teams do their jobs...the Als will be 13-5 heading into the playoffs.
Not too bad a record considering the "hangover".
And should land us in good trim for the East Final.

But don't count the Argos out
Unlike the Alouettes, Cleo Lemon can win by just showing up...and not turning the ball over.

Games against TO are often low scoring affairs.
The Als will need to be focused and precise
Or risk going into the post-season on a low note.

Il ne faut pas sous-estimer les Argonauts.

La saison achève, et ils ont montré qu'ils peuvent battre n'importe qui dans cette ligue. Ils peuvent battre les Alouettes aussi bien que les Timonous l'ont fait vendredi dernier, quelques points en moins au tableau, parce que Lemon n'est pas Glenn.

Je crois que les Alouettes n'ont pas le choix que de réellement viser la victoire pour ces deux match. Ils doivent finir la saison sur une note positive, et non en laissant l'évidente impression qu'ils sont vidés et désorganisés. S'ils gagnent les deux parties contre les Argonauts, ils pourront laisser le doute que leur dernier massacre était un accident de parcours. Sinon, ils auront beaucoup de choses à prouver le 21 novembre.