argos back in action

After a week of rest the argos are back in action this thursday against the BC Lions.

Although the lions are also 2-6 their record does not do them justice in my opinion.

The argos can win this game however if their defense steps up.

Ready folks? What are your predictions?

Braley's team wins :lol:

Unless they tie. . .

I predict the game will be 7:30 on Friday night. :wink:

Cleo Lemon has the goods to get it down, but can he and/or Bell?...the Argo D-Line will help. Jyles is ready to come off the 9 game soon, perhaps for the return match at B.C. place?

Argos- 27
Lions - 23

it is friday my bad, too used to rogers screwing over the argos by putting games on thursdays i guess :roll:

I guess the argos are still on vacation....

Man was that ever ugly.

Now, to give credit where credit is due, BC's defence played tremendously. . . Elimimian, Banks, and Kornegay in particular. So, yes, Toronto's offence was abysmal, but part of that is due to a stellar performance by the Lions' defence.

So now Jyles will come off the IR. I suspect most were expecting that BJ Hall would be let go to make room for him; now I'm starting to think that perhaps they'll keep Hall and release Bell instead. .. he was almost Ted White bad.

I can partly understand Lemon's angst at being pulled (and did his facial expression and the fact that he didn't hang around to speak to reporters after the game ever speak volumes). . . he was 11 for 15 and got pulled so they could put in a kid who promptly threw up 4 interceptions. Of his 4 incompletions three were drops by the receivers, so really he only threw one legitimate incompletion. But the play calling, man was that dreadful. . . 11 for 15 is nice, but when they are all for like three yards what is the point?

Elizondo has a lot to answer for. .. seems to me Chip Garber was fired for less cause. . . but I don't expect they'll fire Elizondo at this stage.

They really should fire him at this point....

the way this season is going I really am wondering if it is worth renewing my tickets for next year...

We should change the title of this thread.

Instead of being "BACK in Action, it should be "MISSING in action".

Last night's game almost reminded me of those two dreadful games a few seasons back against Winnipeg when Kelly and Andrus were the two coaches. . .

Agree 100%. Terrible playcalling and pulling Lemon when he was in fact 11-12 (taking off the three absurdly easy drops) made no sense. Why leave Bell in at all when he's playing so badly? This was a winnable game and coaching threw it away.

I'm with you Tridus; this one is on Barker and Elizondo.

If they weren't going to put Lemon back in, why the heck stick with Bell all second half? May as well have thrown BJ Hall in there to see what he's got. .. couldn't have been worse, could it ?