Argos Attendance

Argos attendance today - 10,844

Toronto wolfpack rugby today - 7,144

Good thing their ownership is in it for the long term because this isn't good.

That's because Ray is not there. With him playing the attendance would be well over 12000.

Frustrating that they seem to stumble into grey cup wins or hosting every couple years yet Hamilton hasn't had either for almost 20 years.

How long till fans here start staying away? Im wondering why I still have season tix.

Because there's no interest in the city. I can only assume you still have season tickets because you have interest. Let's not start using them as the bar.

It is sad that a place with so many people cannot draw 20,000 to attend a game after everything the franchise and players do for the community. I have thought for a while that a potential solution would be to move them out of the downtown core and maybe to Mississauga area. Other option is to somehow get a celebrity atmosphere around them like the says when John Candy, Gretzky , and McNall owned them.

Oh, and Argos Suck.

I'm thinking that's all that's left. Move them up to Mississauga/Brampton/Markham near the 407 or something.
Its really a sad situation. This was supposed to be their revival (BMO). The part that frustrates me is that TFC fans would rather pile on and make it worse while complaining about THEIR stadium rather than embracing them.

BMO is a jewel of a stadium to watch a CFL game.
It comes down to marketing and awareness. Very poor job being done in Toronto.

Week 2, Attendance 16,450, Saturday, Stampeders @ Argos
Week 4, Attendance 12,196, Saturday, Eskimos @ Argos
Week 6, Attendance 10,844, Saturday, Bombers @ Argos

Wonder if a different day of the week would help? Would it not be easier for people to get to the game if they are already DT during the week? Maybe a Friday night game would draw more?

Argo's can't give the tickets away, I heard 4 seats offered through a ad agency in T.O. with no takers so they tried giving them to a local charity for kids, still no go??

  1. I agree wholeheartedly about BMO being a jewel to watch a football game in !! :slight_smile:
    An intimate, but classy little stadium, with first class concessions :stuck_out_tongue:


Johnny Football is not going anywhere but Hamilton !!

I predict Manziel will eventually take over the starting job in Hamilton and lead us to the
promised land !! :slight_smile:

I know Toronto is a big city, but, realistically, the Argos are competing for ticket sales dollars against the traditional big hockey draw of the Leafs, and also now the Marlies; the Raptors; head-to-head for part of the season with the Jays, and TFC. I don't imagine that more recent arrivals to the city are North American football fans, more likely soccer type football fans, which maybe explains why they so quickly built up their fanbase. On top of that, they are only an hour or so from the Buffalo Bills for those that are NA football fans.

So when it comes to spending on sports, I can see how the Argos slide down the priority list. Heck, I know quite a few Tiger-Cat fans, living in Hamilton and area, who do not go to Tiger-Cat games, and in fact have never been near THF. And of course, there are lots of people who don't follow sports at all.

I hope the Argo owners keep plugging, we need the TV coverage, which I think would almost disappear locally if Toronto ever folded, and the CFL would just become a fringe sport on the tube.

Aside from Argos being 1-3 going into this game, I think the bigger issue yesterday was the Blue Jays. They had about 36k fans attend. In my experience it's a hard sell getting people to Argo games over Jays games, even with the current state of the Blue Jays.

Not using them as a bar, just expressing my frustration that the toronto team is so poorly supported, and yet how many GCs have they hosted/won since 1996?

And the ticats, despite trying really hard, have had zero success. As 10 year STH, it's frustrating.

I don't know about Johnny not going anywhere there is lots of speculation that he is packing his bags and heading to Montreal to save that franchise and become a legend in the CFL.

Did the IATSE strike have anything to do with the lower than the usually pathetic attendance at BMO Field?