Argos attendance tonight High and Low

Unfortunately this is the first time since 2009 that I have not been able to attend a game so far this year.

I usually get in a game or two every year. Circumstances, this year have prevented me from going, not to mention the lousy schedule this year also.

That being said, I should be able to make a game this month, but not tonight.

So my high prediction for tonight’s attendance is 22135 my low is 18458

What are your High and Low?

High - 21,000
Low - 17,500



High 21k
Low 18 k

High: 31,074
Low: 0

From the looks of things, I aimed too high. :frowning:

Actual attendance and not the BS that the CFL makes up... High 8 k... Low 5k.
Look behind the ticat bench... There is litterally 1000 people. Braley miles well just give each season ticket holder a free ticket for the rest of the season and then sell the rest of the tickets for 20 bucks each... First come, first serve.

One half of the stadium doesn’t look bad. There are more people than I initially thought. :thup:

Get otta there Argos and give it to the Jays. :o

Looks like everyone showed up during the second quarter… Is Toronto just a weird city, or is there a reason that 5 minutes before game time that there was literally 1000 people in the stadium

They should play at York or Guelph next season. The team deserves some respect at least.

You are probably right!
I thought that having the Ticats in Toronto would bring out the biggest crowd of the year but sadly it looks like it’s lower than last weeks Esks game. TSN is doing a good job of cranking up the crowd noise to make it sound like there are more in the stands. And Rob Black is making it sound very exciting… :roll:

the biggest game of the year against the biggest rival and only 17,811 showed up, even with additional TiCats fans who made the trek down the QEW.

this is very discouraging. :frowning:
where are the Toronto faithful?


Looked like more.

Does this mean I won, due to being the closest without going over ?

Sad to say the number looks about right. Their home opener got under 18K with Rider faithful in the house.

Until the stadium and eventually ownership gets resolved, this I'm afraid is the new normal.

Well, I was there.

I thought the Edmonton game last week would be the lowest attendance, but this one has to be close.
17,000? LOL!
I don’t think so.

The seats in the 100 level on the Hamilton side of the field were fairly vacant. Noisy, but vacant.

I went scouting out new seats for myself for next year.
LOTS of availability as you may guess.


Do you think there was less than 17K? Looked okay on TV.

The turnstile count was 15,021, bum in seats, the other 3000 tickets bought did not show up