Argos attendance on Wednesday?

What is the attendance today? Actual attendance, the not the bs number givin to the media. Capacity is 27 k... Ill be generous and guess there is 9000 there. That is assuming that only 2/3 of the seats are empty. Somehow, I think it is worse than this though.

Well the Red patch Boys have the pics

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Yikes! Those pics are scary

Just turned the game on and I am actually shocked, that is a horrible crowd. This game feels so dead rn with all these penalties, bad announcing and very small crowd. Seems like TSN is pulling in on super tight shots to avoid showing the crowd.

Noticed that too. A pretty common practice down south and finally TSN figured it out.

Looks like the kick off to start the 3rd quarter so people won't be in their seats and, as the RPB said, the other side is better. I still say there are 12K paid seats on a Wednesday night. That's not good but it is still butts in the seats during a heatwave on a Wednesday.

Not trying to be negative but theyd be lucky if they had 10,000 there at this point, and Argos are winning 20-17. Dissapointing really but guess tough shake with Wednesday game, tad bit embaressing three games into the revival though, the home opener seemed so promising it was a great night and Bmo is a beautiful venue. Hopefully just a Wednesday night and stupidly hot night thing.

The scary thing is , it's a great matchup with two very good teams and QB's. The Argo's have a long way to go and this was always going to be the case. There will be no quick fix,hopefully they can slowly increase their fanbase?

I still think there was 12K+. And, unlike the Dome, I don't think Tannen-Bell is giving seats away. It will be interesting to see the announced attendance.

Obviously, Tannen-Bell has their work cut out for them. I assume they will get the Grey Cup twice a decade. If that's the case, the profits from the Grey Cup will cover a large chunk of their annual losses.

Well said.


My gut still tells me 12K+. It will definitely be 12K if you include people who paid and did not go.

As I've said before, all I want is for the Argos to break even. Hopefully, on a weekend without a heat wave, they bring in 15K+ PAID. 18K gets them to break even. If they lose $2M/yr and they need a Grey Cup every 5 years to settle the books, that's fine. Again, Break Even is the goal.

I'm at the game and it's not nearly as bas as it looks on TV.

Keep in mind most of the seats sold and occupied are on the west side. The camera points to the east.

Lower west side is pretty much full. Upperef bowl west are about 3/4.

I would guess 16K which is not bad for a Wednesday

You are one of my fav posters, MG. Always positive!!! Hope you're right.

My question is, why did they sell all the seats for the side that is NOT being shown on camera?

12,373 apparently the 'announced attendance'

I try to be balanced :slight_smile:

The fans want to be on the same side of the benches plus the club seats which are all sold out. Both on the west side.

I wonder if they made a pricing error keeping the east side the same price as the west. So I think they’ll need to address that in 2017 for sure.

If you include seats paid but not in attendance, that sounds right.

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It stings, no doubt. But I am glad they did not paper the house.

Looked like a typical TFC "sellout"... :wink: