Argos attendance next home game Sept. 8th vs Hamilton?

I will be driving down to Toronto next weekend to attend the Argos vs Ti-Cats game at Rogers Centre. Does anyone know what they are expecting as far as attendance for this game?

I haven't heard any numbers yet ticket sale-wise; however, the Argos' attendance has steadily been increasing all season; despite the 2-6 record. With the Ti-Cats coming to town and the two teams being as close as they are in the standings, I'd say at least 30,000 will pass through the turnstiles on the 8th.


HA!HA!HA! you guys couldnt sellout a playoff game

And we've not hosted a playoff game in 19 years... :frowning:

Don't have to agree with everyone, but show some respect :wink:

Do they close off the upper deck at Skydome?

RESPECT! i showed alot of respect. I respected the fact that there is 4+ million people in the toronto area and the cant even 3/4 fill rogers center at the best of times......Repect!

There's also many different ways to spend your money in the Toronto area, it's not the only competing attraction.

I wish the Argo's were the hottest ticket in town, but they aren't. Just respect those that do support the Argo's and leave it at that.

argos sold out the east final in '05.

and sold out this years grey cup.

If both teams were better, I'm sure attendance would increase too. If the Argos win Labour day, it will help, but I can't see too many Cat fans making the trip like they used too. One year they had somthing like 15 buses.

Still, with cottages closed down, first weekend game of the year and the traditional larger fall crowds, there is no reason 35 000 won't be there. That would be an outstanding success in any other town, one reason the Argos need a 30-35k seat stadium. One thing is for sure, you won't find me complaining. After sitting through some terrible seasons of 14 000 fans in the then 50 000 seat dome, 35k is just great! Thankyou all Argo supporters and the new owners for making it fun again. Skydome is rocking again, It will be fun.