argos attendance for hamilton labour day rematch

Ummm, hello? I briefly touched on some of the Dump's improvements in the "Random Questions From An American" thread. I have to give kudos to the new turf (which they actually intro'd last season, of sorts) and the in-game entertainment has drastically improved. The better product on the field and the enhanced ambiance have helped improve the place, but no matter how much you try to improve the Dump, there will still be a few people who will be put off by it.

Personally, the only gripe I have about the Dump is the pricey concessions. I mean, when you end up paying $8.25 for a footlong assorted sub and about $6.50 for a glass of beer, its outrageous. If I wanted to be mugged by food prices, I'd go to my local Famous Players.

Thanks.....I agree with you on consessions. BLAME ROGERS.

What is wrong with the Skydome??? Where shall I start? Feels like I am watching a game in the Hummingbird centre. I am at the best, 100 feet from the field. Because people are so far from the field, the intimacy factor is gone and it is thus easy to become distracted by everything going on around you. The same effect could be had if you watch your TV from the other side of the room. As far as Ivor Wynne goes, all of the above does not apply and it is a wonderful place to take in a game unless you are Livingston… Ivor Wynne is old but has character and charm…

YES , HAMLITON , is 1 of the best places to see a game , in the CFL.

BUT...with the improvments at the R.C. , the bars and our padded seats in the 200 level.....It is great , and just a stones throw away, is a patio where you can , sit , smoke and see the JUMBO TRON , perfectly.

It is hard to believe that the tickets there are only 25 , bucks each.

I am not complaining. :smiley: I have season tickets with my wife. :smiley:

Diehardticat I couldn't agree with you more. As a season ticket holder for the past 12 years at the Dump, it is the worst place to watch a football game, period. The seats are way too far back and the pitch to the field is brutal. During my Labour Day visit to Hamilton, despite the fact we were sitting on benches, it still made for a better view, being right on top of the play even though the seats were on the 20 yard line. I for one regreted the decision to "return", but I can understand from a financial point.

I noticed Drumming God left the forum when he read all the common sense threads here about what is wrong with the skydump... Another one on our side. Ivor Wynne for the Grey Cup?????

Hey now, Ivor Wynne was an alright venue for the GC in '96. Only problem was the big-assed snow dump they had the night of, and the then overpriced tickets: $100 ea. for end zones. The organizers got so desperate, they ended up trying to sell those end zones 2-for-1.