Argos at Ti-Cats (on a brutally hot Labour Day)

Hope they have lots of Gatorade Monday. Check out the forecast in Hamilton for Monday. Brutally hot! But at least there is going to be a strong breeze.

It was very hot last year and I recall many super hot Labour Day games. I am just hoping it will be nice on Thanksgiving in Montreal when I go watch my Argos play there.

[i]GO ARGOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


[i]Come on Argos! Put those whiny kitty cats in the pee filled litterbox where they belong!

GO ARGOS!!!!![/i]

Will the Ti-Cats clinch the 'mysterious' Ballard Trophy tomorrow with a win - or will the Argos force the return match on Friday to be the Ballard Trophy decider?

Funny piece by Rod Smith on the Ballard Trophy - although I find it kind of sad that even a player like Chad Owens had not heard of this trophy before.

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The Heat Favours Hamilton, unlike Toronto who play in the Air Conditioned Rogers Centre to 18,000 screaming diehard Argo and U of T Alumni Fans and soon to be TFC BMO Arblow boosters!!


Sadly, I'd never heard of it before, either. Or if I had, I had since forgotten about it.

Anyone think this type of article could be, at least in part, a sign of involvement from the Argo's new ownership group?

If they'd asked me I could of told them what it was........but only because I survived the Ballard Leaf years, know he owned the Ti-Cats and could have guessed it. I vaguely remember hearing the name mentioned in the past, but I don't remember having ever seen it.

Wasn't it mentioned last year because they tried to award the trophy to the Argos after the last game but most of the players had left the field?

I'll be honest, this is one trophy I'd rather see the league leave in the dust, mainly because of the man who the trophy is named after. While I love seeing Leafs fans squirm at the mere mention of Harold Ballard, the man is not worthy of being lionized.

He was an anti-union, racist, sexist, convicted fraudster who gleefully destroyed decades of sports history to feed his own ego. The fact that the Toronto fan base still went to game with this owner, who outright admitted publicly that he wasn't spending money on talent because he was filling the building up, I personally feel invoked a curse on that organization. The fact he only bought the Ti-Cats out of petty revenge because he wasn't allowed to buy the Argos is a sad part of our history. He is the man that gave birth to the corporate monstrosity that is MLSE, and that fantasy football style trophy that bears his name doesn't deserve to be in a trophy case, but maybe behind a reception desk at best, and preferably victim to coffee stains.

[i]The Alouettes have given the Argos (and all the other teams) a blueprint to beat the Ticats. The Ticat offensive lineman have slow feet, are immobile and confuse easily.

You just do a little stunting with your 4 defensive lineman, stretch out the Hamilton offensive lineman and they turn into turnstyles! A sure recipe to Make Collaros eat turf all game.


Hmmm . . . you make some solid points, I think. How about a new tradition--winner keeps some sort of Golden Horseshoe trophy.

How about rename the trophy? Either to something like the QEW or Golden Horseshoe Trophy or name it after somebody who had a significant role with both franchises.

Open to suggestions but a name that immediately popped into my head was Ralph Sazio who was a player/coach/GM and President of the Ti-Cats before becoming a President of the Argos. Or a few years down the road name it after David Braley since he has owned both teams.

Go Argos!!

OMG it is going to be HOT. Was just out on my balcony to watch part of the Labour Day Parade go past my place and I didn't last five minutes out there. Already at 10:30AM it is 30C with a 'real feel' of 34C. At 10:30AM! And it is very hazy - can barely see THF which is normally easily visible from my balcony. The arrow points at THF through the hot, humid and hazy air in Southern Ontario today. Just took this shot from my balcony while watching a few minutes of the parade.

Wind will be a factor in today's game. Drew Edwards just tweeted 'there is a strong breeze at field level - coin toss will be important in this one'.

At least a bit of relief from the ridiculous heat.

I usually go to at least one game every year and take my daughter with me. I'm so glad I decided on choosing the Edmonton game on the 19th instead of today....

I just heard Schultzie on the pre game and could not agree more.
The key for the Argos is the defence.
What happens when the ball is in the air by the Cats.
Our D is last in the passing stats, how the line and the D backs react will likely determine the outcome.

Wow what a punt by Swayze, this is the beginning of the end for the Cats today.

TD Cats!

Way too easy for the Cats, with our horrid D back coverage.