Argos at THF

First off, hate the Jays. Secondly I live in Calgary. Can't wait to see what the Argos do if there's a scheduling conflict should the Jays make the playoffs. THF is the obvious choice. But would you Cat fans buy tickets to Argo games at the end of the season if for no other reason than to cheer against them . Cats are away three of the last four weekends while Argos are at home the last four weekends.

Although the Jays have choice in Reg Season its MLB who picks the dates and start times for playoffs The Jays will submit that the Argos have dates there on Oct 17,23,30 and Nov 6 and MLB will schedule around it
Think if the playoffs began on Oct 7th and they wanted the Jays to play Oct 8 but there is a Rolling Stones show booked you think MLB will say cancel the concert ? nope they will schedule next available date

Your not the only one, I live in the city and hate the BJ and especially the parent company.

So what is this thread about? Just another "I hate the Blue Jays" rant ??
Couldn't you just add a comment to the other thread on the same subject?

Sorry Slimjim, I guess you need a question mark to read something as a question (second last sentence). The point is, would you buy a ticket to an Argo home game at THF? That scenario make come to fruition should the jays make the playoffs.

Again MLB will Schedule around the dates booked in skydump already

and the only ime those Arblows will see THF is playing the Cats

Can you provide us with a "source" for this information?

And with it taking over 24 hours to flip from football to baseball configuration that would mean if the Argos were not bumped that the Rogers Centre would not be available for baseball on Oct. 16, 17, 18, 22, 23, 24, 29,30 and 31. NOT A CHANCE MLB and their US network broadcasters schedule around all those dates. If the Jays are playing - the Argos WILL get bumped.

If Rogers tries to bump the Argos, I would sue them for breach of contract.

I'd buy a ticket for sure! Additional opportunities to watch more CFL games in a very nice & convenient venue! Probably would give me the chance to sit in some other areas of THF other than my Season Seats & see what the view is like from there.

FOX paid $12.4 Billion(yes BILLION!!!) to MLB for the TV rights to MLB and MLB playoffs starting last year.
FOX will want prime time and prime dates for their playoff coverage, IMHO the Arblows will not be a consideration in FOX's coverage. The Arblows would either change their date or change the venue or both.
Welcome to THF.

Do you know the terms and conditions set forth in the contract? Have you read the contract? Do you have a copy of the contract?

Yah its probably not welcome to THF its probably more like ' yah fine your here, dont f*#k the place up"

Im praying to whatever pretend god is listening that they dont let the Blue Jerks make the playoffs

I like the home field advantage we have at THF

except its probably written into the argos lease agreement that they can be bumped for jays playoff games. so no breach of contract