Argos at Stamps -- Game Thread

Who all wants to see Pickett show up Burris?

Me, Me, Me, Me, Me!


Get these boys going.

If I heard correctly, Labinjo used to play hockey. Can you imagine this guy in the NHL?

How come I didn't hear him report as eligable. Wouldn't that be an illegal formation?

This has the potential of getting really ugly

No challenge for the simultanious catch TD. Where was the replay booth?

I don’t think Toronto had both hands on the ball. I’d have to see it again though.

He wears 42 and that’s an eligible receiver’s number.

It was REALLY close to simultanious. It wasn't out of his hands until his back was on the ground. Much closer than Copeland's simulcatch vs Sask with seconds left in Calgary. Close enough and a big enough call that they should have gone under the hood to get it right.

But then, getting on the air late because of the Ryder cup and delaying kickoff, they've screwed up their timeslot already and are gonna miss the Ronnie tribute if they go overtime at all.

Hopefully we'll get ourselves a friendly timekeeper to finish this one off so we can see the Lancaster tributes.

Calgary fans have no class. Booing winning with class and taking a knee.

Jock Climie is dead on. The Argos' have been painful to watch of late. I'm hopeful the BC vs Sask game makes up for this one.

My team is a mess.
Although slightly better then Joseph, Picket was unable to throw deep and was not a threat and again no real running game.
The D is a mess, old and slow.

I'm not expecting a miracle, but with the "Don" now in charge I think this ship can be righted.
He didn't create this mess but I think he is one coach that can undo it.

....hopefully the fans at Mosaic can show us how to be classy....oops, spoke too soon...

...anyways, argo fans, I can't say much to boost your spirits...on the D side you defensive backfield is pretty good, but yes, you are slow up front...ont he O side, I dont' know why Don didn't try KJ halfway through the third, a bit of scrambling here and there might have helped...

Zbest, I believe you might be making that comment because the last few plays. Well let me tell you the game is 60 mintues long. The game is about scoring fnas pay to see their team win and score. If I recall a few years back one Danny Barret coaching your team ran the score up with the fans cheering in the background. So tell me what is the difference here. The only reason the Stamps stopped right there is (1)The coach stopped the bleedy ofr the other team, (2) The Stamps play them again in one week on their own turf.
Now let me tell you a bit of a secret prior to game time some of those Argo players instead of working out preping themselves for the game they were dancing like they were GC champions and pissing off some of the fans that were in the stands. That also lead to the reason the fans booed. Zbest you thing if it was on the other foot those same Argos would not of pushed that in for a score. Just wondering. Thats no for tonight judge any fans alright.

The home team was up by a ton of points already. They weren't playing an inter-division game so point differential didn't matter. And the fans BOOED the coaches and the team for showing class and not running up the score. This was not a couple bad apples, but all the fans that remained in the stands.

Your team went on to victory to a chorus of BOOS. I apologize for coming over strong, but I was disappointed.

Disappointed by a lot of fans this weekend.

NO kidding! But really you should not look very far if you want disapointment my friend. Again the fans pay to watch their team score that is the name of the game. Again if the roles were reversed do you think for one momment the Argos would have not punched it in.

Interesting. I don't really want to dredge this out any longer, but I will come out and answer your question.

I don't think the Argos, even with Don Matthews, would have run up the score.

Unless there was history between the two franchises, or a really mad ego involved, or the club WANTED to build a rivalry.

Most fans come to cheer on their team to victory. But you say they go to watch their team score. Maybe that's why Burris and the Prima-donna reciever dance crew are so popular in Calgary. Most fans would realize that the first down gave them the ability to kill the clock and sealed the victory. Most parks I've been too would be too busy cheering the teams victory to care about the score (at this point, I can't even tell you what the score was). At that point, the 2 points in the standings are the only ones that are important.

It was a classy act by the Stamps players and coaching staff, one which I applaud.

The Calgary fans that booed them for it are among those that I'm disappointed with.

Well I respect your opinion but again the fans pay the dollar to see the team win (which they did) and the name of the game is to score. So we will disagree.