Argos at Edmonton Oct. 14

Another frustrating loss. Some woulda, coulda and shoulda moments. Surprising that Marc Trestman would gamble on 3 and 2 so early in the game where 3 points were as good as a sure thing that deep in Edmonton's end. Maybe Hajrullahu wasn't A 1 physically, as he did get injured against the Riders, but that should have been a chip shot for him. Also thought it was a poorly called and executed play.

I thought Whitaker was a little tentative after not playing for a few games. I had expected him to be more gung ho.
Thought Washington played well at RG. Would be nice to see that continue.
S.J. Green is a great pick up this year but the Argos still haven't that game breaker who can scare a defense at wide receiver.
Still very inconsistent officiating on both teams. Sometimes a little push in the back is an illegal block sometimes it isn't. Same on the pass interference. I say get rid of the Coaches's challenge and just have automatic reviews on fumbles and scoring plays.
But Kudo's to Mike Reilly for sucking in #33 Darby on that late game pass interference. That seems to be a common play now in the league in the last few minutes of play. But I thought that play could have been ruled an uncatchable ball.
Starting to look like Saskatchewan at Toronto for the Eastern Semi-Final. Why risk Ricky getting injured now trying to gain 1st place.

What ever happened to the Head Coach's being mic'd up for a game.;D