Argos at Als 8/24/2018

LB Kevin Haynes (from Practice Roster)
DE Willie Mays III (from Practice Roster)
DT Jabar Westerman (from 1-game injured list)
DE John Bowman (from 1-game injured list)
C Luc Brodeur-Jourdain (from 1-game injured list)
WR Malcolm Carter (from Practice Roster)
DB Tyquwan Glass (from Practice Roster)

DB Joe Rankin (released)
DE Bo Banner (to Practice Roster)
DE Vantrel McMillan (to 6-game injured list)
RG Landon Rice (released)
RB Tyrell Sutton (to 1-game injured list)
RT Na’Ty Rodgers (to Practice Squad)
WR Trevor Graham (released)

Tevaughn Campbell starts CB
Branden Dozier to Safety
Dominique Ellis to Halfback
Willie Mays III debuts as starting DE

CFL transactions has DL Mike Hill re-signed to the Practice Roster. Hill was previously released just 2 days ago.

According to the position chart, the Als have 9 non-import starters. I suspect the Als are just trying to gain a competitive advantage by putting out a misleading depth chart. In all likelihood, nobody cares because the Als are so bad.

It's almost unfair. Trestman coached his team to two second-half comebacks in the last 3 games the Argos played.

Meanwhile, the Als have managed an average of 2.1 points per game in the 3rd. quarter over nine games! And a total of 53 Second half points including garbage time. When you take away lat fourth-quarter points when the team was way behind this team has managed to score on average about 3.4 points during second halves of their nine football games.

That is how brutally inept this team is at making adjustments and how thin their playbook is.

Anybody knows what kind of attendance we’re looking at tonight? 16-17k???

I`m guessing it will be closer to 14-15k.

And if poor attendance is a wake up call to ownership, then so be it.


May end up with 500 or so more than that given it is the Als from down the 401 :wink:

Bethel-Thompson’s career high (2 starts) is 302 yards passing in a game. Johnny wagers he will beat his personal best against the Als.

Speaking as a Ticat fan, I’m hoping the Argos’ luck runs out tonight against Montreal. Toronto easily could have lost their last two. IMO, Bethel-Thompson comes back down to Earth tonight. Stubler’s D can’t absolutely stink the joint out AGAIN, can it?

Oh yes it can! Trestman of all people, can certainly game plan against Stubler’s “bend till you break” defence.

First play, Argos are playing so tight that Johnson and Lewis couldn’t even pretend to drive downfield so Argos D knew it was a WR screen. Lack of respect for the passing game or did someone tip the play before the snap?

There’s 2 guys in the CFL Marc Trestman should be great at out-witting. Old No-Reliable Richie Hall in Wpg. and Mr. Bent Over in Montreal.

Als were trying to tease a Johnny Football return/sighting earlier this week as he appeared on the practice field - but they gave up that idea quickly - would have drawn another 1,000 to 2,000 if JF Football was starting. Drew Willy, Manziel & that other kid all down - so Als trot out their #4, #5 & #6 guys to confront the visitors.

Pipkin is their best bet - if he can keep his head about him when others are losing theirs!

Nice of TSN to spare us more Black Zone coverage - Cuthbert and the massively enthusiastic Matt Dunigan make CFL broadcasts a joy!

I’ve never liked that hitch screen pass; rarely produces anything worthwhile.

running out onto the field, the national anthem and watching the O go two&out must be tiring, because the overworked and exhausted defence gave up another long drive on their first appearance on the field … “holding” them to a FG mostly because Trestman kept the flag in his pocket and the replay didn’t give the Argos 1st & goal … it looked like the DB clearly reached around and hit the receiver’s arm before the ball got there.

Tunnel screen passes and reverses to Jackson and Cunningham probably aren’t the way to go. Not sure either is explosive enough for those type of plays. Just throw it to them downfield.

The D forces a two and out. Nice for a change

Keep giving the rock to Stanback.

Especially now given this field position

That was the best first quarter our D has played all season.

Well that sucks; should have been 7

I miss the calvillo days when the team would just march down the field ten yards at a time.

Why always the long bomb? Just get 10 and move the chains, no?