Argos at Als 10/28/2018

No changes in personnel this week. Only difference on the position chart is Luc Brodeur-Jourdain starting at C and Kristian Matte at LG. Sean Jamieson is a backup.

Game will air on ESPN2 in the US.

Eric Leblanc article about André Bolduc and him having to deal with the revolving door which is everything concerning the offense in his 5 years with the organization.

Okie, Thank you so much for the reminder that the game will be broadcast on ESPN2. So happy I get to watch!!!

TSN posteda Johnny Manziel interview that will likely be inserted during the game.

Bolduc mentions the hit the offense took with the release of Olafoyle and the trade of Williams…But Reed will tell you he consults and its all done as a big family :slight_smile: Cough Bull Cough hit

Why would he sit in an interview with TSN and say differently about the AAF and XFL not piquing his interest “right now”?!

Oh my goodness the weather is terrible.

Anyone catch the interview with Reed on RDS… Wow! Mat basically called him a liar…

“Bruno, he’s trying to tell us he gave the future of the team for Manziel because his QB’s had mild injuries…”

I came away more than ever that he will say absolutely anything that is convenient.

However if around 0c. Wet snow/rain

Both leagues are unknown entities and unproven so there is no need to discuss them. Who knows they may or may not become awesome leagues. If they do (and that is a big IF. He did also say the CFL is proven and established), cross that bridge when you come to it.

I don’t think there is much more than 5000 fans in the stands.

Think you missed my point.
He is doing an interview with TSN, the network that covers the league.
I would be surprised if he sat there and said either one of those leagues were of interest to him.

I understood your point. Honestly some questions shouldn’t even be asked because the answers are in these cases predictable. But because those leagues haven’t even played a down yet, I think it’s a fair answer.

Love how TSN is trying just soooooo hard not to show the stands. . .

Going with Stanback over Sutton was undoubtedly the right move!

This makes me think of RO’s comments this week. Manziel makes a 0 yard pass ends up credited with 42 yards.

Stanback: 78 Yards from Scrimmage in a quarter… not bad

I’ll agree with you there. I hate this type of statistic in regard to ALL QB’s. Including Manziel. Something needs to be done about this in football stat recording.

All fairness, same goes for any QB that makes a pass like that.

Our run defence is far superior to theirs, so far.

Absolutely, just pointing out that stats don’t tell the whole story.

In this day and age with all the tech, there is no reason to count YAC yards in a QB stats.