Argos at Alouettes. East Final Game Thread

I still believe this is going to be a more one sided game..

good challenge, would have been more beneficial if the Als had pounced on that ball though.

Toronto's secondary looks slow out there, Richardson blew past those guys for the TD....

I'm very convinced that this Argo Hype will show its true colors and it'll be over by Half time!

Like I said.....

:lol: Clemon shows his self!

Argo special teams makes a play yet again to block the FG attempt!

Wow, this is really painful for the Argos so far. At least they got a field goal block off but that’s hardly consolation at the moment.

All the talk from the Argos and they seemed to have forgotten how to walk!

A real bed-pooper is still looming here for the Argos with the only good plays are one good kickoff return and blocking a FG if it keeps up like this the league sure does need more teams sooner than later. :?

And did you see that completion to Watkins just how strong and accurate Calvillo had to fire it just to the right spot? :o

Let's see if he keeps it up like that all game, because that sort of play from a QB is just plain nothing short of amazing.

Lest the Argos score before falling behind 24 points, I am wondering how soon to flip to an NFL game, but don't call me heretic as I would be confident some fans up there already have done the same.

True Hardcore fans don't abandon a game just because of a score.

we stick with them.

Agro’s need a miracle to get back in this game. :frowning:

they have that saved for Game 2! :smiley:

I had zero doubt here that the Als would route the Argos today.

Enjoy CFLIsTheBest -- no doubt you are hard core if you are going to keep watching this slaughter. :lol:


I have since I don't know when.. watched the entire games for both East and West (when I haven't gone to one)!

since the Esks haven't had a West Final since 2003.. and I did go to that one (Esks 30- Riders 23)

Well I always like the underdog (Argos here), but the Al's have the better shot at taking Calgary in the GC

you invented a Time Machine??


What a surprise! Montreal's going to another Grey Cup. For the sake of the East Division, I hope Hamilton and Toronto improve next season...

ya, I would like to see a little variety out of the East.

but for 2010 I wanna see a 2009 rematch.. for the sake of revenge for the Riders.