Argos ask permission to talk toQB Casey Printers

Fan590 Reports Argos ask BC Lions for right to talk to Printers ,this morning around 10;20am.

No suprise.
He's a free agent next year,this gives them a jump if granted.

They will get him, and violate the salary cap again by doing so. Wow, didn't see this one coming.

Didn't you get the memo, the Argos were exempt to the new salary cap. Geeze see what happens when no one reads teh fine print :wink:

Hopefully they won't.

Keep in mind that the contracts of Ricky Williams and Damon Allen are gone, so maybe Casey Printers will get the "standard" 250k and Damon would get offered a back-up's salary.

If Toronto does not land a new starter then they can always re-sign Damon Allen to a starter's salary.

Who knows?

not to mention, the argos are dumping R jay soward and kieth stokes...

why do ticat fans not understand; when u ( the argos ) dump players, you ( the argos )have money to spend elsewhere...?

not a hard concept to grasp...unless you are a cat fan.

My guess is the Argos are willing to pay a fine to go over the cap because they need to get to the Grey Cup when it's played in Toronto in 2007. Whatever the fine is, they'll more than recoupe it by being in the Grey Cup game. And if it's true that the current owners are thinking of selling the team in 2008, what better way to enhance the value of your team than by winning the Cup?

An Argo fan

drummer god,

The Argos have ALREADY cheated the 2007 cap by re-signing several key potential free agents to contracts that include huge signing bonuses that don't count against the cap.

Plus, they have always had an all-star lineup created by stealing some of the other team's best players...all because the Argos offered more money than other teams would have to those players (i.e. recently, the Argos have always had a better team than most teams because they had a higher payroll than most teams)

The Argos are cap-rats, plain and simple. So don't insult the intelligence of Cat fans who protest this and who think it is unfair. It's true. Money isn't just being shifted around in Toronto. They cross the financial line every year to gain a competitive advantage on the field. Plain and simple.

Agreed What kind of Cap is this ..
It Still A Soft Cap and Argo will use it to their advantage

The league should have made this a hard Cap.
Not 1 2 or 3 years but now..

WTF Wally??? Or does he have a deal in the works?

The other option is we drop Maas, trade Holmes, and drop some of the other dead weight while going after Printers ourselves instead of just whining about it.

How dare drummergod question the smarts of ticat fans when he is pimping Al Gore's diatribe. THE ONLY TIME YOU CAN USE THE WORD 'INCONVIENT' AND 'TRUTH'N THE SAME SENTNCE IS WHEN REFERENCE IS MADE TO AL GORE ONE OF THE GREATEST LIARS OF THIS OR ANY OTHER CENTURY.This movie is junk science that would not survive a grade four science class scrutiny.

I follow the Argos pretty closely and I don't know for a fact that they exceeded the cap this year and if they did, by how much. They probably did with Ricky Williams' late signing but I was also curious about the Cats' salary structure this year given the big name free agents they signed for the 2006 season. Still, there was no hard evidence that either team exceeded the cap.

As for beating the new cap, all I can say is get real. Any GM worth his salt would do the same thing. For example, the Als announced the signing of 22 players right after the Grey Cup. Those players agreed to terms before the 2007 cap came into effect to circumvent it. The Stamps signed Marc Borigter to a deal prior to the new cap--big bonus and modest salary to beat the cap; it's the salary part that will count towards the cap. You'd have to be naive to think that other teams haven't done the same thing whether they've announced the signings or not. Or at least you'd better hope Desjardins has done the same thing.

Tom Wright said that this "loophole" will close itself in a year ot two as the current contracts expire. However, I still think teams will still exceed the cap for their own reasons and willingly pay fines like the Argos with the Grey Cup in Toronto, the owner who wants to improve the salability of his team, etc.

Just my thoughts
An Argo fan

how is this cheating?...they worked out these signing bonuses BEFORE the cap came into effect...EVERY TEAM DID THIS!!!...

this is not 'cheating' any more than its 'CHEATING' to make a trade 2 mins b4 trade deadline!!!!!!! ( or the jason maas / troy davis trade )

I bet you're a scientist. You seem pretty smart.

I agree with the theory that any GM will exceed the cap if he can get away with it.

I'm not even certain that this problem will resolve itself in the next couple of years or so as the commish points out. This is easy for him to say, he just got the boot.

I found it very peculiar last year when the Argos signed Stokes. The entire CFL was already aware that with players like Damon Allen, Bruce, Steinaur, et al, they had to be exceeding the so called salary cap even before they closed this deal.

The only way to compete for top notch players is to beat the Argos and teams like them, at their own game.

I'd go after Printers with a very large cheque and/or signing bonus in hand.

Screw the salary cap!

Ahhhh, I see you're a follower of the George Steinbrenner school of management.

An Argo fan

how come no one mentions the other teams that go over the cap just the argos. bc, edmonton , montreal also resigned players last week with the signing bonuses but nobody complains about them :? i suppose winnipeg didnt overspend this year yet no compaints :?
also i wonder how many of you that complain about the argos salaries are new york yankee or boston red sox fans

The Argos are losing tons of money under the new ownership. I would bet anything they bolt right after the Grey Cup next year just like Ottawa.

where did u read this? please!( i doubt there is one )