Argos are expecting BIG season high attendance tonite

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Toronto can take a big step forward in its defence of last year's CFL championship by defeating the arch-rival Hamilton Tiger-Cats at Rogers Centre. You can watch the game live on TSN at 7:30pm et/4:30pm pt.

Sewing up first place would give Toronto (10-6) a first-round bye in the CFL playoffs and home-field advantage for the East Division final. And that could huge, considering the Argos are expecting a season-high Rogers Centre gathering of between 35,000 and 40,000 for their game versus Hamilton (4-12).

"Home-field advantage is very important," said the Argos veteran linebacker, a native of North Bay, Ont. "It would be very nice to repay such a great ownership group with a home playoff date, with an East final which I'd imagine we'd sell out

the CFL is gaining momentum again.....southern ontario is waking up!

by 2007, the roger center ( skydome ) will be sold out every game!...the same year they host the Grey Cup.

41 000 at tonites game according to TSN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congrats Argo fans! It's great to see!!!

I can't wait until the East final, hopfully it will be a sell out. 41,000 FANTASTIC!!!!

with luck the Winnipeg GC will be at least that, if not more!!!!


and a MILLION $ KICK and press.

That must comfort the owners on their decision NOT to spend 20 M$ on a 25 000 seats stadium. :slight_smile:

And they will have a 20,000 seater to play in after 2007 if need be which can be upgraded to 30,000 should something happen to the Rogers Centre. Nice stadium, artists rendition on the CSA site at:

this is an ugly waste of a stadium. 20 000 seats is 19 999 too many for soccer, and 25 000 too little for argos football…

there was an article i read, about how the skydome cost $600 000 000 to make, then sold for $100 000 000, then sold again to rogers for $25 000 000…the way blue jays attendance keeps falling, maybe they will sell the roger center to the argos owner for $15 000 000 in 2010, then they can make it a football-only stadium and name it skydome again.

if the argos owners were gonna pay $20 000 000 for a new stadium, then i’m sure they could afford $25 000 000 OR LESS to BUY the Dome!


MLSE , may lose their shirt with this , and I guess that NFL idea is NOT happening. :roll: Unless their plan is to move the ARGOS their and bring a NFL team to the R.C. BUT , we all know that the LEAFS are not that RICH.

I think that ROGERS also may have bitten off more than they can chew.

But the ARGOS won’t want sell if the attendence keeps going like this.And ROGERS , still own the R.C. and the JAYS.

Things are LOOKING GOOD for the ARGOS. :smiley:

think about this…
the argos owner said, he’s happy at roger center, and rogers is gonna make MORE upgrades in the offseason…so the place COULD look better than it does now…so if the argos DO buy the place in 2010 ( when thier lease expires ), they will have bought it with upgrades already completed…they can then make it a football only stadium, which would make for better sightlines…

do u think most peoples complaints of the skydome would stop then?..or would people STILL hate it there?

in which case, the argos should build a NEW 45 000 seat stadium somewhere.

From what I see, this new stadium beats RC hands down, like Ivor Wynne beats RC hands down with seats so close to the field and 100 percent outdoors. Yes, a few games with "the wetsies" but that is fine.
The RC is great as long as the attendance is there consistently in 35,000+ range but if not, then the Montreal situation is better with the soon to be 25,000 seats and going to the Big O when need be.
All I can say is I'm glad I get to go to Ivor Wynne here in Hamilton rather than the RC, just way better place to be for a football game.

ivor wynne has benches, which sucks.....cuz u got other peoples feet touchin your back ..... if it had seats for everyone, then that'd be good.

if the new stadium had more than 20 000-30 000 seats then great!

.....but considering the lack of exposure the CFL has had in toronto for more than 10 years....for the argos to get 40 000 at a game against bums ( ti-cats ) , then they CANT play at a 20 000 and demand shows, demand for 40 000 and with a supply of only 20 000 to 30 000 seats, then ticket prices HAVE to go up......

especially when the argos are drawing 50 000 every game, as they will in 2007, when they host the Grey Cup.....then what happens in 2010????

they are getting 50 000 per game, and they're gonna move to a 20-30 thousand seat soccer stadium???....i think not!

give up on the argos moving to that aint gonna happen!

Still better than RC IMO. And in Notre Dame stadium where I've been too, very little room there but the people don't care, they pack the place for the Irish all the time.
I predict that the Argos will be playing 80 percent of their games at the new stadium once their first lease with the RC is up in 2010, the soccer people are going to be saying how much fun it is to go to games at the new stadium in the complete outdoors and this will make the Argo fans very jealous. Again, this is how I see the whole thing evolving and then MLSE will add the extra 10,000 seats. I can guarantee, the more I think about this, that this is what will happen. In fact, I'm getting pumped to go to the new stadium to watch soccer which I don't even like as much as football, to get that atmosphere in Toronto which has been lacking since the old Exhibition Stadium was torn down.

Come on, the Argos averaging 40,000 a game, no way, I will never believe that could happen there in Toronto.

thismoring, i was in my car, and the fan 590 was talkin about the argos and that million $$$ kick.....same with 640, and london's 95.9fm......everywhere i put it, they were talkin argos and the kick.

front page of the sun, too.

I think the argos would best fit in a ivor wynne/ molson stadium type of situation. With seats close to the field, the atmosphere would be more intense. However, 20,000 won't cut it unless they have high ticket prices like montreal. I'd see them fit best in a 35,000-40,000 seat outdoor stadium.

45 000+ is my preference for toronto......if the CFL is gonna get the respect it deserves, it HAS to have a large crowd in the largest city in the country...

20 000 in the largest city makes the league look second-rate.

i wish montreal could get 30 000 in percival molson somehow.....the LARGE cities need large crowds.....vanocuver, montreal, edmonton and toronto SHOULD be the corner stones of the league at 30-45 000, and the others can have the 25-30 000