Argo's are ALIVE!

everyone needs to see the activity on the web plus fan forums and Supporters groups in 2017. There are 25 active sites, so it seems there is support out there. Find yours

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forgot - like the identifying icon for this group


Bonne nouvelle!

Merci -
Les Al ont-ils autant de soutien au Québec?

Il s'exprime surtout différemment.

Ti-Cats Argos live streaming Friday Night but you must register on Ti-Cats All Access.

Took less than a minute

Finally game day. Time to see what this team can do.

I can't believe they look so strong 1st game. Ray is a master at slicing a D if he gets the time and that's what happened tonight

Well, I'm certainly more excited for this season now.

Very Excited for the game tonite.

Hoping for a big crowd, and a good game

Very fun game last night. Exciting to the finish.

Here is hoping the 1st place Argos can draw more people with their greatly improved play this year.
Even if it is in the weak East division....again.

Awesome list.
I am a member here, on argofans, on the argos reddit, on several facebook groups: The Double Blue Order, Let's Talk Argos. We love the CFL!, True Double Blue Argonaut Fans & Friends, Toronto Argonauts official fan club, CFL LOUD AND PROUD, Let's Talk CFL, SOBs of the CFL, & CFL IZ THE BEST FOOTBALL IN THE WORLD.