Argos aquire Steven Jyles via trade

Great trade for both teams. Argos get a QB and Winny gets an all important potential NI starter. I like it for both teams.

All important potential starter LOL ! Kind of like Nathalie Portman a potential eventual girlfriend :lol:

All trades are conditional to passing a medical. So Jyles either passed a medical or will have to for this trade to be concluded i would think.

The trade itself is very surprising to me. I didn't think Barker would give up his first round pick for a "potential" QB but I guess he figures Jyles makes them competitive and obviously Winnipeg thinks very , very little of Jyles to trade him to their most direct competitor or Mack does not think the Bombers will be competitive this year. Gonna be fascinating season. :thup:

I figure that it is most likely that the better he plays, the more he plays.

Yay for being delusional!?

Not true. That condition can be waived as part of the trade.

Not necessarily. It will also be dependent on whether he is able to play at the start of the season or whether he is injured during the season.

I'm a little shocked that so many Bomber fans have so openly and unconditionally embraced this deal. Better hope you draft a Canadian who goes onto a long and illustrious career, because if (when?) Buck goes down, Bomber fans will be placing extra focus on the draft pick who was traded for Jyles (who will now, unquestionably, improve the Argos). No pressure or anything, kid....

So now it's all on Jyles that the Bombers only won 2 games with him under center? How about coaching? :roll:

Blue blood are you suggesting Barker who's been in the league for almost 15 years would make a major trade for a player coming off major injury and waive the medical ?

...Why are leos fans so worried about Buck....Could it be the fact that if Buck lights it up this year that Wally will have to eat a little crow....especially looking at who he's running as the top guy in lotus land :lol: ...Lulay is hardly a seasoned vet...The lions could be in a whole lot of trouble in 2011 if that kid flops :wink:

Isn't that Brinks' job. At least he will be good for something. :lol:

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that exactly the amount of games that the savior, Bucky, won? Let me guess, this came from a Killer thread.

Jyles is currently throwing the ball quite well....How he holds up in the season is the argos look-out :wink:

....hey hfxtc....could you remind Richard ( i see he hasn;t shown-up yet) that he's lost a bet....He said we wouldn't get 2 pics for Jyles....hmmmmmm seems he lost the bet....Richard said he would donate 150 bucks to a charity of choice...Well...i can think of two worthwhile causes....The Cancer Fund or the Heart and Stroke Foundation....or maybe split it and send a little to both....

You called it Pappa ! Richard is a stickler for details so he's probably reading the fine prints :slight_smile: One pick is conditional so you might have to wait till next year for the donation....

Major "gotcha".

At least I come of looking a tad better, because I believe I was on record as saying that you wouldn't get a starter plus a draft pick for Jyles. . . but if the offer was 2 draft picks that might be more do-able.

I'm a little surprised at the trade. Last year Barker wanted McPherson and he was told firs round pick + Middlebrook and he lifted his nose :smiley: A year later he gives up first round pick and a conditionnal for a QB that is rehabbing a torn shoulder and five on his turn team in 3 years. A 5 year backup...

Only thing I can think of is that Lemon was causing the ticket sales office challenges...

I'm not overly surprised. . . mind you any trade at all has some 'surprise' value to it.

But in this case. . . Barker was pretty adamant last season about wanting to develop his own QB rather than picking up someone else's re-tread.

He chose to name Lemon as his starter.

Double edged sword:

To his credit, he stuck by his man all season.

To the team's detriment, he stuck by his man all season.

So at the end of the season, he was quoted as not being quite so supportive of Lemon as he had been during the season. And that is as it should be; the fact is that far from 'developing', Lemon seemed instead to be regressing as the season wore on. Was it due to his unreported injury? Who knows.

But I will give Barker credit for realizing that at his age, Lemon is unlikely to get a whole heck of a lot better than what he is right now, and what he is right now is just not good enough for CFL football. So he's gone out and gotten a potential replacement.

Now, will Jyles be a quality starter in Toronto? Guess we'll see. But they have to do something about that weak receiving corps to give him any kind of a chance. Their struggles last season weren't all the fault of Lemon.

The difference in both trade options is the conditional pick next year versus a player like Middlebrook. If I'm a GM I would've balked at that price too. If the Als accepted a conditional pick for McPherson like the bombers received for Jyles then McPherson probably would've been an Argo last year. Barker wasn't going to give up a roster player. You could argue McPherson is an upgrade over Jyles but lets be honest, while both have looked like very good QBs at times they are still unproven until they can take control of a team full time and win a lot of games.

On March 16,2011 I wrote "if Tillman or any other GM trades a 2nd & a 5th draft choice for JYles...I will make a donation of $150.00,etc.."
Was he traded for a 2nd and 5th draft choices? No!
Was the draft choices in 2011/same year? No!

What I wrote does not apply to this trade. If I bet that a horse will finish 2nd,do I win if he finishes first? No!

I am nevertheless surprised that the Argos gave a 1st round choice +optional choice in 2012.


Seems like splittin' some pretty fine hairs...especially where charity is involved...just sayin'

…I’ll have to reread that bet Richard…maybe someone can dig it up…I’m pretty sure the pics were not designated in anyway…the bet just stated 2 pics if i recall correctly…WELLLLLLL we got 2 pics for Jyles…Pay-up :lol:

RichardVeilleux wrote:

If Tillman or any other CFL GM trades a 2nd rounder & a 5th rounder for Jyles, I will make a donation of $150.00 to the Charity of your choice,in 2011.


.......In fact here it is Richard....the pics have NO designation as to which year...and the fact is we did better than a second rounder this year and next :wink: :lol:

I didn't say that. You said all trades are conditional on a physical. I said that wasn't true - that the condition can be waived. I didn't say that Barker waived it however there have been no reports that Jyles has been to Toronto for a physical so who knows.