Argos aquire Steven Jyles via trade

Yes finally a QB, a good deal and I mentioned before how I would make this deal for a 1st round pick and even to include 4th rounder.

Oh, and yes, if Buck stays healthy, then no worries. History is however not in his favor. I hope he does, I mean god knows he is due, but still.

i think people are forgetting jyles only won 2 games last year. yes not all that is on him but one complete pass here, one complleted pass there, one non fumble here, bombers lost 9 games by 4 or less, some of that i think is on the qb. 9 fumbles.. how many of those fumbles lead to fg's or touchdowns? it matters when u lose by basically a fg and a single so many times.

thats 1 completed pass, 1 non fumble. 2 and 8 guys. 2 and 8. that matters.

we got the 1st and 4th overall pick now. cdn content is lacking more than qb's. its a win for the blue bombers for sure.

jyles on bob irving sports show on cjob. says he just started throwing and "hopefully, ill be ready to go by training camp".

mack was on aswell and said the win loss record and the fact that they can improve their cdn content was contributing factors.

what if buck goes down? it happened last year and the backup won all of 2 games. ill bet elliot can win 3 atleast:P

....ummm the best player on the Bombers is Fred Reid. He's the best running back in the CFL, has carried the team's offense for the last two seasons.

fred reid, terrence edwards, tj harris.. brendon labatte, jovon johnson, jonathan hefney...

jyles won 2 games last year. if he was on your "favorite" team... you'd be calling him craptacular.

undeniably this is a good move for the argos.
QB was their biggest need with recievers in second.
There were good canadian recievers up for grabs in the draft, but getting a qb like jyles kind of over powers that need.

compare these stat lines...

Cleo Lemon TOR QB 17 285 462 3433 7.4 202 15 19 66 1 78.1
Steven Jyles WPG QB 16 196 318 2804 8.8 175 19 7 81 2 100.9

15td and 19 interceptions for lemon...

and you think 19 td and 7 int is bad?

we get it, you have made several posts that he only one 2 games last year. Well, he also kept the Bombers in almost every game, which is a good accomplishment for a guy who is just getting his first real chance at starting. He has not seen a pile of action in his career until last season. He put up some good numbers. You want Elliot, fine, but you need 3 QBs on your roster anyways, so why let the guy go that helmed your team respectably for basically a season. their #1 guy can't play a whole season historically. Elliot is far from proven, and even if he is, with an injury prone #1 what is your backup plan now if your #2 unproven, inexperienced QB can not get it done? Now they have a guy who is amazing, but is very injury prone, and a guy with next to no CFL experience.

Rant about 2 wins all you want. I am not high on Jyles, never have been. I said he was not the answer for the Bombers when they brought him in, all the while people on here acted like he was the reincarnation on Jesus and would answer all their the Bomber problems (I am not exaggerating, people touting him to no end, and would not listen when I said he reminded me too much of Bishop), but he is still a good QB...the answer...maybe not, worth having on the roster...heck yes.

It's nice to find out that the Suicide Bomber's season is over before a single down is played.

Projected Finish: 4th in the East, no hope in hell for a cross-over, 4-14. :thdn:

I have an explaination! Winterpeg's GM is on the Argos payroll. Toronto is going about hurting the competition in a covert manner. SNEEKY!

haha...Maybe Braley is a "silent" partner in the Bomber organization.

What is this "Jyles only won two games" thing? As if the business of winning games is 100% the QB's responsibility? I never said he was perfect. But he played well as a starter. His own personal stats were very good. Many factors contributed to the Bombers' 4-14 record. Jyles was a factor, but he wasn't the only one.

Trading a QB of Jyles's caliber when your starter is being held together by spit and duct tape and the backup is virtually unproven is silly. Especially when the trade is to a division rival whom you've just made substantially stronger at a very important position. Sure, it's possible that Buck Pierce stays healthy the entire season. Only he hasn't managed to do that for the past five years. So history isn't on Winnipeg's side.

The more I think about it, the worst this looks. Do you Bomber fans honestly expect to find an impact player who can start right away? Those guys just usually aren't there in the draft. I actually thought the bombers had more promise than the argos initially, but you decided to keep the wrong quarterback and make your closest rival a whole lot better.

WHEN Buck gets injured you expect to replace him with Joey Elliott or Alex Brink? That is so silly to think you can go anywhere without a proven backup in the CFL. If Winnipeg makes the playoffs, I'd be shocked and will personally apologize to each and every Bomber fan on this forum.

I'm not much of a fan for stats but, Steven Jyles had a QB rating of 100.9, % of 61.1 and a TD/INT ratio of 19/7.

Once again, if Toronto can find some receivers this off-season, I think they can contend with Montreal and Hamilton.
Very good move on their part.

Well said. :thup: :thup:

I apologize. I realize that Terrance Edwards and Fred Reid are likely better players or more established.
However, my point still remains. Jyles is their best querteback and your quarterback is your most important player.

...Jyles WAS NOT our best qb. ... Buck being from B.C. should know that.... :lol: Let's cut the crap....Buck showed more injured than Jyles ever did in this league...AND if you've seen a picture of the new 'ripped' Buck...i believe you're going to have a whole change of heart this coming season... :wink: take that to the bank :wink:

I commend you for staying so positive when things look so bleak. :wink:

We're not talking best on paper, or in a no-contact league. We're talking in the real CFL world where injuries happen. A QB could have Doug Flutie's ability, but if he's always on the shelf, that ability ain't worth a hill of beans. As for the 'new ripped Buck', LOL. I heard all this stuff last offseason too. At this point, Buck has to put up or shut up. He can talk all he wants about being in the best shape of his life -- prove it, sunshine. Play 15+ full games this coming season.

not that I want to defend the bombers, but has anyone noticed that the better Jyles works out for toronto, the better the second draft pick for wpg. If Jyles does well, wpg gets another fairly good draft pick. If he doesnt, then wpg lost nothing.

I still think the success of the draft picks will define the winner of this trade.

The conditional pick for 2012 is dependant on how many games Jyles plays, not how well he plays. To me that would indicate there is some question about Jyles' shoulder injury and whether he'll be able to play right away.

I'm surprised by the trade but I don't have a problem with it. Mack and Lapo know more about Jyles' injury that we do and if they have concerns then I'm all for getting what we can for Jyles now rather than getting nothing next year when he would be a free agent. I'm also not going to judge until I see who we get in the draft and how they do at TC.

Biggest shock... it looks like Lefko was actually right for once.