Argos aquire Steven Jyles via trade

Toronto wins this trade.

So who do the Bombers have when Pierce goes down?

Could we see casey printers or jason maas in a bombers uniform?

Printers' last on-field tantrum happened in Winnipeg. I don't think we need that.

Well that's an upgrade for Toronto for sure. What's Winnipeg going to do for a QB then?

Draft one? :lol:

I don't see Printers back in the CFL. His stints in Hamilron and BC both ended badly. I could maybe see them giving Maas a call.

i hope the argos dont think that jyles and lemon are enough to go into the season with. i'd still like to see Leak at camp.

....Buck is and always was the number one in the Peg with a very competent back-up in Joe Elliot........AND if someone wants to bring up injuries...How did Jyles finish last year....oh yeah...injured...Bombers win this trade and are rapidly filling their ni needs...Given it's a deep draft and having the 1st and fourth overall has got me salivating.... :rockin: Can't wait for MAY 8... :wink: :thup:

Winnipeg is a disaster. This is an idiotic trade on their behalf and a fantastic trade for the Argos. Toronto actually has a legitimate shot with a QB to contend with Hamilton and Montreal. Winnipeg will miss the playoffs yet againn. Buck Pierce will get injured and Elliot/Brink are not ready.

I can’t believe they just traded their best player for assets that won’t become anything for a while.

Maybe the Bombers will end up with Cleo after the Argos let him go...I doubt if he will want to back up Jyles.

Steven Jyles their best player? Really? I can think of lots of Bombers that would rate much higher than Jyles.

Wow, Winnipeg, what a horrible deal. Trade the guy with a 100+ QB rating to a division rival so you can put your faith in Mr. Glass Pierce and a nearly unproven backup (Elliott).

When Buck suffers his umpteenth injury five games into the season and Elliott is thrown into the fire before he's ready, I'm sure Jim Barker will sit back and have a nice laugh.

I think someone is very stubborn and is glued to Pierce..

this could be a career decider for the Coach if it doesn't work out by the end..

...glad to see you have your crystal ball in full operation there discipline....I'll give the opposite scenario...What if Buck stays healthy all year and lights it up....Maybe the Als. will have a team who'll actually be a pretty tough opponent in the division :wink:

....Our best player :lol: :lol: :lol: ...I guess he doesn't know much about our roster....forgive him MadJack :lol:

how is trading an injured backup qb to the argos for the 4th overall pick in the cdn draft considered a loss? its a win. people obviously only care about stats around here. for his 100 ++ qb rating and all that irrelevant crap... dude won 2 games and has a terrible career record as a starter. just because you people in other cities dont know who he is, joey elliot will surprise some. i see you guys and your wheres the next wave of cfl qb's.. elliot is 23 years old yet got no love there at all. this board seems to be a crap on the bombers board. bombers win this trade by a mile.


Thanks, papa, I needed a good laugh. :wink: know that's always possible chief.....AND if that happens there won't be too many smiling faces on the oppostion :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

basically, argos traded for today while BB traded for tomorrow.

ON the surface it looks like argos win, but Jyles could fail, and the bombers could pick a couple or least one good player,

Couldnt they?

Maybe not, afterall, it is Winnipeg :wink:

for a draft pick...really? not only did you burn yourself, but you improved a team in your own conference! this is just idiotic.

as for backups, there are options. I don't think Maas will play again. His feet are planted in Edmonton, even if it means retirement. The Argos will surely be releasing a least that makes an interm b/u. KJ is also a viable option if you only want a guy for a season or 2 as a b/u. they may be able to pick a good QB up for one season if the NFL is a no go