Argos announce return of Jim Barker, promote Magri, Russell

TORONTO — The Toronto Argonauts Football Club announces the hiring of Jim Barker as senior advisor, the promotion of Vince Magri to assistant general manager and Alex Russell to director of football operations and national scout. The trio will work alongside general manager Michael “Pinball” Clemons.

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I thought that the League imposed a cap on players wages as well as a cap on the number of operational Staff. All the Teams have cut staff (coaches, assistants, etc)! So how is Toronto able to sign so many high-priced Players and now hire more operational Staff like Barker as an advisor? This is a new position is it not?


Does this mean Jim Barker won't be on TSN next year. There is a God

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Too funny. I thought he was good on the panel.

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I thought he had a different perspective to the game but his presentation was like eating dry toast

Barker comes in after John Murphy went out. No increase in positions.

My doctor recommends that I have dry toast for breakfast. Then he wonders why I am suicidal!! LOL

Nothing personal against Barker but his presentation seemed a little forced, not natural. Hope they replace him with an ex-jock, management types should stick to management.

What no pictures of Kate Beirness doing the happy dance?