Argos and TiCats November 2nd

Looks like we are going to see Dakota Prukop get the start against Hamilton tomorrow. I think everyone connected to the Argos will want to see if he can carry on his performance he showed against Ottawa. He opened my eyes for sure with his accurate passing and scrambling ability. Mike O’Conner will probably be next up after Prukop and will add to his learning curve. But I feel he needs more time before being considered for full time action. It takes time with these young QB’s
Also want to see more of Canadian LB Nelkas Kwemo, I liked what I saw of him against Ottawa. Other young Canadians like WR Kurleigh Gittens and big Offensive Lineman Maurice Simba should get some playing time to see where they are in their development.
Also be watching young Import RB AJ Ouelette to see if he can continue to show he should be considered the #1 back for next year. Late pick up CB Jalin Burrell had a great camp with KC Chiefs this year and we will see what he can do if he gets some time in the game.

So will I! I’m really hoping he has a big game.

I’m also hoping to see Canadian QB Michael O’Connor get more than a few snaps.

For the most part it appears that the Argos will be going with their top olineman & Top Receivers. Green & Edwards.
Giving the young QBs & RBs playing with first team type offensive players.
Hamilton will be resting some guys but still will have a solid nucleas playing.
So it will be a great chance to see wat some guys the Argos are wana get some game action

Another game fritted away because of poor kicking. I hope the Argos try and address this in the draft as there are a couple of Div. I Canadian kickers in the draft this year. Or if they have to bring in some American kickers because we all know how many times a game is won late in the game.

Yup. As well there have been a many Soccer Players who have been concerted to FG kickers or punters. Now with the Global rule in place. Im sure the NCAA has many a kicker that hold dual citizenship. In these global countries especially from Mexico.

There are over 20 kickers, mostly punters from Australia on NCAA Div I rosters of which 5 are Seniors. With the CFL going to 2 Global players next year that seems to open up a spot for a kicker if a team finds one good enough.

Exactly! Why would you not