Argos and TDSB "Level the playing field"

Level the Playing Field

You have to hope that nothing but positive things come out of it.

NICE!!! More kids playing football the better! Good on the Boatmen!

I think this is great! One of those teams hadn't fielded a team since 1980. And they're gonna add more teams next year. Great press, and great move Ar 8) gos!

that is such an awesome article. so awesome of the argos. a far cry from a few years back just before the new owners. this is great comunity outreach.... might even gain some more football fans to the sport in general.... and that much money.... thats like a starting running backs salary in the cfl.

I couldn't get the link to work for me so here's another.

Awesome, the Argos are without doubt the best community pro team in the city.
No one is remotely close.

Thats funny. The Toronto media refers to Toronto as a huge football, ie NFL town. Yet they don't even play the game in most of their high schools? Like how can you build football when nobody plays the game? No wonder the Skydome isn't full of young kids at Argos games. Its the fact they've never played the game, so they have no interest. Lets hope the Argos plan gets things going again. Because one thing for sure. The buffalo Bills ain't doing much.

The Argos contributed $10,000 to each of the four high schools in Toronto and this amount was matched by the Rob Ford foundation, a great "normal" and penny pinching councillor in the city of Toronto.
These amounts of $20K for each school purchased equipment etc. to start up the program and keep the kids involved and interested in school.
Awesome work Argos and the Ford Foundation.


Great job Argonauts!! Definitely the best way to get kids into football. Hopefully so of these kids are playing in the CFL in a few years.