Argos and Lions to have more NFL competition...sigh

[u]NFL owners approve more international games[/u] Toronto and maybe Vancouver among cities NFL eyeing for regular-season games THE SUN

NEW YORK - Canada is on the shortlist of countries the NFL is considering for one-off regular-season games.

At the morning session of the league’s one-day fall meeting, owners approved a resolution not only extending the ability to play international regular-season games through 2025, but beyond the current confines of the United Kingdom.

[b]Mark Waller, the NFL’s executive vice-president of international, told the Sun on Tuesday morning that Toronto and maybe Vancouver would be Canadian host-city candidates.

Waller confirmed what Clark Hunt -- owner of the Kansas City Chiefs, and chair of the league’s international committee -- told the Sun after Monday’s committee meetings: that Canada is among the countries the NFL is considering staging games in.

What cities in Canada?
“Obviously, Toronto -- a major opportunity there,? Waller said. “Vancouver, potentially. So yeah, definitely."[/b]

If the NFL is OK with having their games in BMO then fine. Otherwise, I don't see how they can use the city as a showcase.

Then again, if the Bills in Toronto series is any indication of the support they'll get then BMO will be fine.

You can bet Rogers will be peeing themselves hearing this, Taking it as the NFL wants Toronto in the league kind of news.
Single game events shouldn't be a concern for the CFL.
I imagine, the Rogers centre will have no problems finding dates for the NFL and the turf will be ready to go.

Not sure how much money that would suck out of Vancouver...there's lots of Seahawks fans here but given Seattle is only 2.5 hours away, it's an easy drive down if you really want your NFL fix...and four down ball is much better when you see it in the States with all them crazy fans...

I would think any game in Toronto would have to be the Bills, since Southern Ontario is Bills territory?

Not if the NFL to Toronto hopefuls have anything to say about it.

After all, the Bills in Toronto Series failed because the 'Bills are not Toronto's team' :lol: :cowboy:

the NFL wont come back to Toronto they just threw in Toronto’s name so they wouldnt have to hear the whining. :wink:

As long as it's not another Bills game in Toronto it will do well. The Bills and Rogers brass assumed that Toronto would be Bills country :roll: :roll:
Montreal would be a great place for a game, they have no problem filling the Big Owe for an MLB pre-season game. An NFL game before November would fill the place.
Quebecers love the NFL, they had close to a million viewers on RDS for the Super Bowl and the regular season NFL games do well on French language TV.

Sea Hawks won't be playing in BC any time soon. There sold out every game

David Braley hosted the Seahawks vs 49'ers American Bowl game a few years back at B.C. Place. Despite the tickets being fairly cheap and promoted through the Lions and their season ticket holders, the stadium looked half empty. Braley claimed there were "40,000" in attendance and that the game was a modest success. The NFL has never returned to B.C.

We saw how regular season NFL games drew in Toronto. Rogers reduced ticket prices every year of the six-year Bills series and attendance dropped every year. The more Toronto fans saw of regular season NFL games the fewer tickets they "bought" or accepted as gifts. NFL proponent Paul Godfrey said Rogers "gave away most of the tickets" to the Bills series.

The problem was they couldn't distribute enough NFL tickets and it was becoming an embarrassment for Rogers and the NFL. Rogers had to give 30% cash refunds to the "lottery" winners and the several thousand fans who bought the original 8-game ticket package, after they lowered prices.

Why Rogers renewed the Bills series for another five-years is sheer lunacy. I said so at the time. Sure enough, Rogers negotiated an exit from the series after one season, for likely a princely sum (similar to the buyback and cancellation of the final Bills exhibition game scheduled for RC at $9.4M. Dumb decisions like renewing the Bills series in Toronto probably cost K. Pelley his job at Rogers.

Despite the massive papering of Rogers Center, the final Bills game had the lowest attendance of the series and lowest in the NFL that season. Even the surging Seahawks with R. Wilson did not create a ripple in ticket sales in Toronto.

So now some Yankee blowhard thinks the NFL should play more games in Canada? Frankly, the NFL should take a hike. Canada is CFL country. The NFL should play in the U.S.A. and the CFL in Canada.

Fans have spoken loud and clear. Many Canadians enjoy watching NFL games on TV but expecting them to shell out big bucks to see two out-of-state teams plod their way through a typical NFL snooze-fest is a huge stretch...and Toronto already has a football team they can ignore.


Lol, when I read the thread title I thought in-game competition. Ie Lions vs Seahawks and Argos vs Bills.

St. Louis Rams to Toronto?

[u]Toronto or London would be Rams owner's fallback destination[/u] THE SUN

[b]NEW YORK - If NFL owners prevent Stan Kroenke from relocating his St. Louis Rams to Los Angeles, Toronto might top his list of fallback destinations.

Since buying the Rams in 2010, Kroenke has made it painfully clear to the locals in Missouri he has no intention of keeping the club there long-term.
The Rams’ 20-year lease at the Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis has expired, and the team now rents it on a year-to-year basis.

If Kroenke’s bid to relocate to LA is denied? Apparently he covets the next available English-speaking megalopolis.

“Sources have mentioned Kroenke might simply go back to the Edward Jones Dome on one-year leases, and turn attention to Toronto or London,?[/b]

Ugh....more NFL leverage to demand more from Oakland, St. Louis and Jacksonville taxpayers.

Again all manufactured, when a story is not a story.



Seriously, where would any NFL team play in Toronto?
The owner would have to build a new stadium. Why not do that in their existing American market?

But to be fair that was 20 years ago and it was a pre-season game. They are talking about holding regular season games just like they do in London. Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal could easily support a regular season game.
It's not the end of the CFL when they hold one regular season NFL game in a Canadian city.

when did Toronto support a regular season NFL game?
(even Rogers finally admitted to giving away thousands of freebies just to get bums in the seats)

The whole "Bills in Toronto" series was a huge miscalculation by Rogers from the start imo.

I'm a huge football fan (I attend CFL, CIS, NFL, and NCAA games every year now), but there was no way I was going to pay the absurd prices they were charging to see a team in which I had no interest and which hadn't made the playoffs in this century.
Add in the fact that the opponents were usually not a top tier team (those games were kept by the Bills for their true home games), and there was little to get excited about.

I also believe that the number of people in the Greater Toronto Area who would actually pay to attend an NFL game is much less than many people think.

Toronto would need its own team to generate any enthusiasm, and I still don't see the NFL putting a franchise in Toronto.

Jacksonville doesnt have anything to do with it...

Did anyone see these Tweets from a few weeks ago?

@CFL_News: .@simmonssteve on NFL expansion to Toronto #CFL via @MackoAndCauz

@CFL_News: .@simmonssteve said NFL disappointed in Toronto's response to Bills in TO series. NFL now looks down on Toronto. #CFL via @TSN1050Radio

@CFL_News: .@simmonssteve heard this from none other than Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones re: NFL's disappointment in Toronto. #CFL
via @TSN1050Radio

@CFL_News: No surprise that the colossal flop that was the Rogers' Bills in Toronto series has hurt #NFL perception of expansion to Toronto. #CFL