Argos and Lions potential owners

For the Argos MLSE would seem to be the best fit for both the team and MLSE but it seems Rogers is blocking the sale. The Argos will be moving into BMO, as part of a stipulation from the city for the upgrades planned for BMO. MLSE would own both teams that play out of BMO, a venue in which they have the management rights.
If the two main MLS ownership groups, Rogers and Bell, cant agree I would think it would be well worth it for Bell to take ownership seperate from MLSE.
With the Argos only allowed to have advertisement in the covered end zones during soccer matches. However Bell would be able to place there name in a Argos Blue end zone. With Bell being part owner of MLSE a decent rental rate to be paid for by Bell would seem to be a decent answer while it being possible to have field naming rights for CFL games.
"Bell Gridiron at BMO field"

For the Lions Braley is likley to wait until after the Grey Cup this season to sell. Canucks S&E have shown interest in the past and could be the front runner as they are looking to expand their ownership of franchises. the NHL/CFL seem to be a popular synergy for an ownership group with the opposite seasons. Again like the WhiteCaps main sponsor Bell purchasing the Pitch naming rights for MLS games, Canucks S&E could do the same with one of its mahor corporate sponsors. The Gridiron rights can pay or help to pay the cost of leasing BC Place.
Canucks major corporate sponsors include Coca-Cola, Molson Coors, Save a Lot.
"Coca-Cola Gridiron" at BC Place

Anyone know what other potential owners their are for either franchise?

I'd think it's more likely MLSE chairman Tanenbaum will buy the Argos than Bell. He reportedly wanted to buy the Argos in the past but was thwarted by the MLSE board. Not sure Bell has any history of owning sports franchises? It's hard to say if there are any other suitors for the Argos, which is a bit strange being the only football team in North America's 3rd-largest market and have been in consistent operation since 1872.

Mr. Braley said he's in no rush to sell either club, although he'd like to sell at least one franchise by 2017.

He's had many inquiries from prospective Lions buyers over the years. The front-runner is a consortium of local business-people lead by current Lions president Dennis Skulsky. Apparently the Canuck's owner Aquilinni has also expressed interest in the Lions. The Lions have been consistently profitable for the past decade. Braley said he's asking $40 million for the Lions.

Now with almost every team becoming profitable thanks to the new TV deal, I think the word on the street is how the time is right for new owners to buy before the franchise prices take a major spike northbound.
Having said that, there is no reason how Mr. Braley should not get around $25M for the Argos and double that for the Lions.
Keeping in mind, how the gold mine known as the Riders have to be worth at least $100M in the open market.

Don't these numbers being tossed around only strengthen the players' current bargaining position at the table? I mean, if you've got an owner who states that his franchise is worth around $40MM when he doesn't even own the building in which his team plays, doesn't that offer the players some insight into the overall health of the league?

That may be true that Tanenbaum may buy the Argos as a single owner but he would be likley to line up some big corporate partners. Could Bell not be involved in the onwership group but be a majory corporate sponsor such as Tim Hortons is with Hamilton in which they would be able to be the Jersey patch sponsor and Gridiron naming rights to pay the rent for the use of BMO.
Similar to the Rock the Argos would be involved in promotion through MLSE as an event and tenant of the venue they own or have managing rights.

I have a question about BMO and capacity for a CFL game if anyone knows the answer.
Now the stadium can be expanded to 40K for soccer and NHL outdoor classic.
Looking at the plans with the retractable seats for CFL football it does no appear that they will be able to expand to 40K for CFL football do to the set up?

The place is a dump, other then being outside I guess that makes it marginally better then the dome.
It's a glorified bleacher like high school facility.
Building a second deck on the one side is the only way to expand, however don't know how you can shoehorn more seats?

For soccer and the NHL outdoor game they will be placing a second level of seats behind the goals but for CFL games those seats in the end zone will be retracted and appear not to be usable for CFL games let alone adding extra seats behind them like for soccer.
I bring this up because this could still mean that Grey Cups in Toronto will be indoor at Rogers Centre (Rogers may not want a full time CFL team in RC but would gladly to continue to host Grey Cups at their veneue with all of the free publicity it gives the Rogers name) This could perhaps persuade Rogers to take part in voting yes to the Argos and MLSE as they will get something Big out of it

ArgoT wrote: The place is a dump, other then being outside I guess that makes it marginally better then the dome.
But I watched the highlights of the Jays game yesterday from the dome. Sad, gorgeous day and they have to keep the lid on and even though a big crowd, from the highlights as usual the stadium looked like a dark tomb. Jays have great fans to be there because yesterday I was outside enjoying the sunshine and it was gorgeous, the RC doesn't even allow any light into it when the dome is closed other than the concourses which of course are not in the stadium. No thanks, I'd take a high school stadium any day in this case. And I won't get into the circular outdated design of the joint.

Steve - I've wondered about that 40,000 capacity/seating configuration question too. From preliminary drawings and statements about the expansion which once the roof over the seating areas and all the changes and expansion of the concession areas are done should make it a fantastic stadium for both the Argos and TFC - they said the capacity would be about 25,000 for the Argos and 30,000 for TFC. In soccer configuration expandable to 40.000 with extra seats at each end.

To me that means adding the seats that would bring capacity up to 40,000 in that configuration - but once you remove the 5000 seats they move out of the way for CFL configuration would only be 35,000 in CFL configuration unless I am missing something there.

And Earl - I was at the Blue Jays game yesterday and yes it was a beautiful sunny day and as I approached the Rogers Centre I was somewhat disappointed to see the roof closed. But after standing in the shade for much of the 45 minutes I was near the gate waiting to meet up with my friends I can tell you that it was much cooler there - maybe because of winds coming off the cold lake - compared to temperatures here in Hamilton yesterday and quite breezy too. In fact I moved away from the gate to be in the sun for a while because it was so cool in the shade. One of the electronic boards nearby had the temperature as only 6C at that time. So I could understand the decision to keep it closed.

Give me an outdoor stadium anyday Travel. Sure, both have issues but if I'm going to err on one side or the other, outdoors all the way. But hey, part of anything is a social affair and being with your friends and that is the no. one thing, if they like it and have fun, so be it. (Man am I liking THF the more I think about a closed RC. :thup: )

It's like hospitals, all new fancy hospitals with all the perks mean zilch if the staff hate the employer and only do what the have to do to meet minimal patient care standards and pretend to be nice to patients. Bricks and mortar mean nothing without a people factor behind it all. I have to give credit for Jays fans, crap stadium IMHO but they are showing up! :thup:

I do not disagree with you Earl, as outdoor sports should in the vast majority of time be played outside.

Yes I have thought about that as well with bmo field. I seriously think that there is no one from Argos management giving any kind of opinion or any sort of input into redeveloping bmo field for cfl football. I don't think ml$e could care less how the seats are configured for the Argos which would suck if they could only fit 35,000 for a grey cup.

If BMO capacity tops at only 35,000 with temps for Canadian football, it is doubtful the league would approve the venue as a Grey Cup site and would likely use the RC if Toronto were to be awarded as host city in the future.

I believe the league would prefer a bare minimum of 40,000 for the Big Game, with IGF pegged at 41,000 for 2015 and presumably Ottawa and Hamilton on the radar for 2016 and 2017 at approx. 40,000 capacity each making these 3 games some of the lowest attended Grey Cups in the past 40 years. :frowning:

I actually have a friend who works for the city at the ex grounds and is always telling me what a piece of shit (structurally) that stadium is. As well as the scandals that came with exhibition stadium’s demolition and BMO field’s construction. Some pretty disappointing stuff

I've never been to BMO and don't doubt it's not constructed all that well. I've heard it's a tin can. But I'm not speaking about how solid the stadium is from a nuts and bolts aspect. I love the straight lined aspect visual concept of the stadium, simple and works great for soccer and football from that aspect. Circular designs have the problem of taking fans a long way away from certain parts of the stadium. Not talking an oblong design, speaking of the old cookie cutter multipurpose - baseball and football - stadium design used for many years of which the RC is one of the last in existence.

And THF has the same angular design albeit different of course than BMO. :thup:

I just cannot see the Argos hosting a Grey Cup at an inferior stadium with inferior amenities when they can play indoors at a 55K RC with much better fan Amenities. The Grey Cup has/is becoming a celebrity event also and whether you like RC or not a packed house for a football game is a good atmosphere and plenty of suites and other VIP amenities that currently are at RC as compared to anything that BMO will come up with.

If BMO happens for the team, it will have to be like Montreal, where the GC has to be played indoors and the occasional semi-final or final where tickets demand warrant? The latter is unlikely as to the credit of the Als they generally attract 50k+ and there is no way the Argos currently can sell that many.

I agree going into the playoffs playing at BMO would make sense but to host a Grey Cup if an indoor venue is availble and seats 55K and has many more suites and VIP which all will sell out it makes no sense to have it outdoors. It is not like it is an Argos home game, The Grey Cup is for the best teams to make it through the playoffs