Argos and Esks to meet in Moncton

Oh, I forgot.....Bucko! :cowboy: :lol:

Do you not know what LOL stands for? FYI check your stats to see whose team had more fans see their team live. I did list them on a previous post.

Absent mindedness is not a legitimate reason in a court of law, LOL!

Correct me if I'm wrong, but what is on the sign as you enter Edmonton..."City of Champions" Talk about thumping your chest about how great your fans are.

Taken from Regina Leader Post. Total average attendance home & away.

Edmonton 32897
Saskatchewan 32151

Looks to me like Edmonton outdrew Saskatchewan.

Well, the city does have 5 Stanley Cups, and 13 Grey Cups. Lotta professional championships. BTW, that has nothing to do with Edmonton thinking it has the best fans. That has to do with Edmonton being successful.

...I heard that the motto was adopted and the sign was erected shortly after the '87 tornado and was meant to represent how the city pulled together in light of that terrible incident, the sports connotation was an afterthought....

I've never heard that before, red, but it's certainly interesting. Maybe an Edmonton resident can fill us in?

Ah yes. "The City of Mushrooms".
you know what you need to grow mushrooms, right?

That is correct. Apparently the mayor used the term "city of champions" regarding how well the city came together in dealing with the tornado and to lift spirits.
It does tie in nicely though because Edmonton has had some of the greatest dynasties be it NHL or CFL.

not a lot of cities in North america can claim to have a dynasty in two sports(or more i spose).

Edmonton, montreal(if we call the als a dynasty) pitsburg(almost a dynasty in the early 90's with the pernguins, and the 70's steelers). im sure there is more, just cant think of it.

Montreal had a 5 cups in the late 70,s, followed by the Islanders winning 4 in a row,then the Oiler,s won 4 in 5 years in the 60,s the leafs won 4 cups and where the first official dynasty in nhl in the 40,s being the first team to win 3 in a row.montreal won 5 in the 1950,s as well, correct me if i am wrong :slight_smile:

I find it funny that only some people are allowed to "thump their chests" in your words, but if they don't agree with your point of view, then they cannot thump their chests. For me, that is someone who is, in your words "insecure". Last time I checked, I didn't see that you had the patent on the phrase "thumping your chest"!

You checked with the patent office?

I don't even know what you're talking about, dariderfan. I don't thump my chest. Seems like all you can do is take what I say and try to use it against me. :wink:

stop posting if you don't know what you're talking about :stuck_out_tongue: Post on topics that your knowledge will enlighten everyone. That's all that anyone asks.

If the stats are checked, Edmonton was the second worst draw in Winnipeg. Only Montreal was worse.

Huh??? :? Whatever... :lol:

What does that have to do with anything. If you going to spew crap at least post something that isn't immature naysaying. The fact is that Winnipeg & Regina are traditional rivals so of course the Riders will draw bigger crowds, big deal. The one FACT that you cannot deny and the sticks is your craw like a poppy seed stuck between your teeth is that no matter how much you don't like to hear it, Edmonton is the largest draw in the CFL, period!

If you don't know why this thread is at this point, STOP RESPONDING!!! Stop spewing your garbage which is contradictory to the facts.