Argos and Esks to meet in Moncton

OK not a huge difference but here are the comparisons between Edmonton & Regina in 2009.

Average attendance figures:

Edmonton 32897
Saskatchewan 32151

There you have it. undisputable proof, the Eskimos are more popular that the Riders!

Unless you can come up with some objective arguement, the proof is in the pudding.

yeah, Edmonton is almosty always #1 in attendance. i think in home games last year edmonton was first, then Calgary second. ON the road, edmonton is a strong draw always. lots due to the somewhat recent history they have... Gizmo was possibly the biggest draw in CFL modern history.

having toronto and Edmonton play makes sense. the two most sucessful teams in cfl history. if those two teams were playing there when they were @ a better time, with a better record... like when it was the flutie years, this game would be way huger. is huger a word?

You want bigger. :wink:

according to the video on, this game is being played in Halifax…lol

video about the schedule being released

thanx chief... bigger. yest bigger. we love out football down here, but we dont need grammer to work in the patch.

hmmmm this may be a silly question; but where in Moncton is this game going to be played? I have somehow not heard or read what stadium the game will be held at. :?

See this article: ... cle/903439

I believe the Riders drew the largest crowd in every stadium last year except for Ivor Wynne. And only the Labour Day game beat that. The Riders outdrew Edmonton by several thousand in Winnipeg, Hamilton and Toronto--not even close. BC place was close--likely because the Riders were there twice.

Try Calgary, Edmonton was the highest draw. Anyways, the point was made that nobody outside of Alberta supported the Eskimos. I merely point out that at home Edmonton was the largest home draw in the league, on the road Edmonton was 2nd and they were first overall. Saskatchewan was the third largest at home and second overall. Saskatchewan and Edmonton have great fans, despite what darider might think.

Missed the Calgary Labour Day game. Labour Day is the largest crowd of the year for most teams, so drawing 1400 more fans than the Riders.......?
Every team has great fans though.

But the original point was, the Argos did not want to give up the home game against the Riders and that could very well be true. I don't doubt there are other factors.

I suppose anything is possible but I doubt the giving up the home game against the Riders had anything to do with which game was scheduled in Moncton. The fact is that if we compare the Toronto home games between the Riders and Eskimos, in 2009 the Riders played in Toronto early in the season while the Eskimos played the Argos late in the season after the Argos were already eliminated. The Riders outdrew the Eskimos by about 3,500 people. In 2008 the roles were reversed, Edmonton played the Argos early while they were still in contention while the Riders played the Argos late in the season. The result that year was that the Eskimos outdrew the Riders by about 3,100 people and the Riders were the defending Champions.

The fact is numbers do not back up any suggestion that home attendance was any motive in the decision of which game to play in Moncton. As stated earlier the fact that Edmonton is hosting the Grey Cup likely had more impact in the decision than anything else.

perhaps it could also be its the most successful team from the east vs the most successful team from the west(as history dictates). with both teams having a history of the greatest players in CFL history. with it being a 70's season, will this be a retro game? really could promote some great history.

Who you calling bucko, Chump? Unfortunately how you're interpretting your stats is skewed! The Riders have drawn above the average attendance in EACH other team's stadium...Edmonton can't claim that

Edmonton's avg attendance- 37,165 Riders visit 62517 (+25352)
Riders avg attendance-30605 Esks avg visit (2g) 30945 (+340)
BC's avg attendance- 28,610; Rider avg visit (2 games) 31,037 (+2427); Esks visit 31515(+2905)
Calgary avg attendance-36501; Riders avg visit (2g) 37136 (+635); Esks avg visit (2g) 38,189 (+1688)
Winnipeg avg attendance-25720; Rider visit 29553 (+3833); Esks visit 21965 (-3755)
Hamilton's avg attendance-22531; Rider visit 24586 (+2054) Esk visit 19206 (-3325)
Toronto avg attendance- 26374: Rider visit (30055) (+3681) Esk visit 26515 (+141)
Montreal's avg attendance- 20202: Rider visit (20202) (0) Esk visit 20202 (0)

Riders increased attendance +37982 or 4220 per game
Esks DEcreased attendance -2006 or 223 LESS per game

FYI the Eskimos outdrew the Riders ONCE this year in the opposing teams stadium- Calgary Labour Day, other wise the Riders drew the highest attendance in ALL the other stadiums EXCEPT Montreal, because Montreal had a sellout for EVERY game

Well, as long as we're pointing that out, then it should be pointed out that the only reason Sask outdrew Edm in Wpg is because of the LDC re-match and the rivalry those two teams have.

It should also be noted that it'd be hard for Edmonton to increase Saskatchewan's attendance considering the limited seating.

Didn't the same thing happen in Calgary for the LDC? There is limited seating in Winnipeg, and Hamilton, and yet the Esks were 3G's under the average attendance. I think you need to realize who the better draw is, because it is NOT the Eskimos.

I never said the Esks don't have great fans...I said that if the CFL is concerned with filling the stadium, have the Riders be the opposition because Rider fans support their team. Go to my previous post where I showed the stats of how the Riders have increased the avg attendance, in opposing stadiums, by more than 4200 per game while the Esks drew 223 less than the opposing teams avg attendance. As cfleskfan said "undisputable proof"!

You know what's truly sad? It seems Roughriders fans are so insecure that whenever anyone questions them, they have to scream and shout, and thump their chests about how great they are because they sellout, and they fill the other stadiums, etc.

Is life so boring in Saskatchewan that attendance is the only way you guys can feel good about yourselves...? Just wondering... :wink:

Would you like some cheese and crackers with that whine? Funny how when your team is questioned, you refer to those individuals as insecure. Talk about the teapot calling the kettle black!! As the "Man Song" says "You used to be the top dog, but now you've been neutered"! :stuck_out_tongue:

Your post clearly shows you know nothing about me, son. I couldn't care less if the Eskimos are the "best" fans. Titles like that are pretty pathetic, and only insecure people like to toss them around, like Roughriders fans. It's not enough that you guys support your team, but you have to make sure every single person on the planet knows it. That, my friend, is insecure! Of course, if you don't mind being more obnoxious than Lions fans and giving your entire fanbase a bad name, then by all means, continue thumping your chest about how great your fans are.

Sounds to me like you said Eskimos don't have great fans.

You numbers are also scewed by the fact that you include the Riders vs Eskimo game in you so called "indisputable truth"

The Eskimos were watched live by more fans last year that any other team, the only fact that matters!