Argos and Esks to meet in Moncton

According to Rod Pedersen's blog (voice of the Riders) the two teams meeting in Moncton will be the Argos and the Eskimos. Why the Evil Empire? They have no fans outside of Alberta, LOL!

If you're referring to the Eskimos as the "Evil Empire," I'm an Eskimos fan, and I live in Ontario. I actually saw quite a few Eskimos fans when I went to the Edmonton/Hamilton game.

Anyway, someone else mentioned this, as well. I think it was Blood Blue. An interesting choice. With the Argos being absolutely terrible and showing no signs of improving, I wonder how many fans this match-up will actually draw...

You would think that after a few bad seasons the petty jealousy of the greatest team in CFL history would have ended. Oh well, small minds will always resort to petty thoughts, LOL!

...this is great news, the Eskimos are as good as an ambassador from the west as any other team...

I'm guessing is that Toronto gave up one of their home games and will be the "home" team for this matchup. I'm sure the Argo's brass had a say in who the opponent was, they don't want to give away a home game to a team that draws well to the Rogers Center (Hamilton, maybe Montreal and Sask).

From the point of view of the fans in Moncton it may not be the biggest rivalry but whatever, it should be a good showcase.

LOL...when you said "evil empire" I thought you HAD to be referring to the Argos!! :lol:

I'll be a case of the Eskies saying to the Argos "you light up my life, you are my..." :smiley:

Because the Eskies are going to be lighting up the scoreboard bigtime in this one I bet. :smiley:

If the Argos are going to be a bad draw, match them with a team that will be a good draw. That makes logical sense.

p.s. I was referring to the Eskimos as the Evil Empire. Glad you made the connection, LOL!
p.s.s. The stadium will be very empty if there are a few Eskimo fans there! Invite your fellow Eskimo fans to go out to Moncton.

I was hoping it would have been the Peg but I guess they wanted east-west match up. Judging be attendance over the past few years the Riders, Ti-cats, and Al's draw the best. So the Argos brass probably said anyone but them.

Seems quite logical to me to have the Grey Cup host city there to promote the Grey Cup. Besides that, in the only objective measurement of team popularity (attendance) the Eskimos are still the most popular team in the CFL!

yep, the argos are the home team despite playing in new brunswick

I hate to burst your balloon, but take the time to check your stats. There is only ONE team that increases the attendance in the other team's stadiums....ask Calgary, Edmonton, BC, Winnipeg, and Toronto. The Esks AREN'T that team. Why do you think certain cities ask for the Riders to be at their stadium late in the season? Because Rider fans come out REGARDLESS of the weather. Remember who was the Esks competition for their highest attendance in 2009? One quarter to one third weren't Eskie fans at that game.

So then why aren't the Riders in this match-up? I'd love to see the Mighty Atlantic Rider Clan!

My guess is TO wouldn't give up the Riders home date.

You know you're in rough shape when you have to depend on your opponents to bring in the fans. :lol:

The league really didn't want to make sure this game was a financial success, LOL!! The Mighty Atlantic Rider clan fans will just have to show up and start chanting "Go Riders Go".

Bang on Chief!!

It's hard to find a plaid pattern that goes with watermelon.....

The Argos are already losing a home game, so I don't think they would want a neutral site game to turn into an away game with a bunch of rider fans there. They probably chose to play the Eskimos so that they can try for more of a "home field" advantage.

Check again bucko, Edmonton outdrew Saskatchewan in B.C. and Calgary, the teams drew virtually the identical numbers in Montreal and Toronto, while Saskatchewan moderately outdrew Edmonton in Winnipeg and Hamilton. I think if you took the time to add up total attendance, home & away, Eskimos out drew the Riders badly.

Again the only objective measuring stick is attendance and the Eskimos leave the Riders a distant second, you can’t dispute facts.