Argos and Cats to play exhibition game at BMO in June?

The Argo owners are thinking of playing their preseason game vs the Ti-Cats at BMO this year. While the field is too small at the publically-funded stadium to accomodate Canadian football, some adjustments could be madefor the preseason game. I guess you could pretty well guarantee a 20,000 sellout there vs the Cats in June?

Would be awesome, I loved going to games at the old Ex site years ago, I hope it happens from a personal standpoint. But I'm speaking coming from it as a TiCat fan who would take in the odd game in Toronto rather than as an Argo fan to be honest.

I'd be interested to see what the atmosphere would be like. Not sure about the full time move. BMO Field has fewer facilities - it's not bad when the TFC is a sellout - lines move fairly quickly etc. Going to need a lot more to handle 30k+.
However I know a lot of my fellow TFC supporters are foaming at the mouth right now... some delusion about keeping the stadium soccer only...

Why would the city if they do own the stadium not look at adding more dates for rental? Obviously they would love to increase revenues at their stadium. Soccer fans can wish all they want but in the end, it's not their stadium regardless if they want to go around calling it Canada's national soccer stadium or whatever they call it.

Well only the CSA and FIFA call it that.
To fans it's BMO Field... but the supporter groups are the ones who really care about the stadium being soccer only.
Most fans really don't care one way or the other.
If the stadium can be expanded without too much interuption of the sightlines and atmosphere I have no problems with it.