Argos and Als make a deal

No doubt... he could raise his game.
After the hoopla our Bombers made of him...
Coach Don was hard on him, he was a better man for it..
We'll see what next season brings...Boom or Bust..?

Personally, I'd rather have Stokes back returning my kicks than Levingston.

Also, if I had to chose, I'd take Stokes over Ezra Landry, and don't get me wrong I love Izzy.

Ya Stokes will be great IF he can get open, IF the ball doesn't sail over his head (he has forgotton how to jump)and lastly, IF he doesnt fumble when he actually pulls one in! All for a hefty price tag. Am I missing anything Argofans? Good ridance Stokes.

The more I think on this, the more I like the sound of Stokes back in Montreal.

ummm i think he was making 135-150 thats what i heard when the bombers were gonna sign him but he took his drunk ass over to mtl for reason...we got totally played!!!and i hate that :thdn: ohhh well he suxed and we got hebert

At the beginning of the season, Levingston's job was in question. After spliting the duties all year we got Stokes 10 yard return up the middle every single time and Levingston's numerous 30-40 yarders. He out performed Stokes all year. If they ever fix the blocking rules, Levingston's speed will dominate the league once again.

I would like to see our "utimate weapon" Bruce return more, especially on Punts.

i agree with above, bash is better then stokes and proved it last season.

fix blocking rules and bash will run wild once will tucker in edmonton and AJ3 in winnipeg.

The downside to that is all the injuries you get being blocked from behind on special teams.

It's still worth it.

Good points guys. I only say that because I was a huge Stokes fan when he was in Montreal, and I don't doubt him.

As for Levingston, he is a great player. I didn't say Stokes was better than Bashir, I just said I'd rather have Keith on my team instead.

Also, Levingston did average 30-40 yards, but I don't like it when he runs backwards 10 yards to try and make things happen. And I don't think Pinball does either.

Average 30-40 yards on what?

I agree with the running backwards part but I loved to see him get nailed for a loss