Argos and Als make a deal

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In a trade between division rivals on Tuesday, the Montreal Alouettes have re-acquired receiver and kick return specialist Keith Stokes from the Toronto Argonauts in exchange for free safety Richard Karikari.

So FINALLY the Argos have realized Levingston is WAY better than Stokes ( who came into training camp overweight and had a body like homer simpson ), and are gonna allow BASH to return all the kicks....good on Adam Rita!

does this spell the end of Landry's time in Montreal?

anyone know what kinda money Karikari was making? ( just to see how even the salerys were in this new Cap-age trade )

the argos also released Cliff Ivory yesterday:

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....Argos better make sure that more than 78% of Richard Karkari shows up....otherwise i think they should have kept to me K2's play really tailed off in 06 and he could still be interested in an nfl run....Als. might have won on this one.... :wink:

stokes was a waste of a jersey in argoland....good on them for dumping his overweight ass.

so both men seemed to be expendable.

....your take could be more correct drum..... :wink:

I never understood why Toronto signed Stokes in the first place. His primary value is as a kick returner, but they already have Levingston and optionally Arland Bruce.

they signed him as insurance.

last offseason they asked levingston to take a paycut or be released, and they were sure he’d choose the later.

but he took the cut, and the argos were stuck with both…

i think they let them showcase who should stay and who should go during this past season, and levingston clearly won.

Showcase? Stokes hardly played at all. Maybe his weight was a factor, which is reasonable to me, but otherwise it seemed like he was being paid to sit on the bench.

they both split touches on kick returns all season, and bash consistantly out-returned stokes.

stokes also got some touches at reciever, where he was just 'ok'. ( altho he did catch allen's pass to break moon's record )

Remarked the newest Argo, Richard Karikari, “This is exciting; I work at kids’ football camps throughout the year and this is an opportunity for those kids to see me in a hometown uniform. I always told my parents that I wanted to play for the Argos and this is my chance. Toronto has played Montreal in the past five East Championships and this is a great opportunity to help get the team over that hump and win another Grey Cup.?

MAN! We got screwed!
The Als gave up a All-Star CANADIAN Starting Safety for a KR that we don't really need. I'm happy we got Stokes but not for Karikari!!!
I guess his $125K salary was too much for the stats he pulled this year.

That trade came right out of nowhere. No rumours or anything that I saw. I was thinking Stokes might just be released over the winter. To get a non-import of Karikari's calibre for him sounds like a steal to me. Salary wise there probably wasn't much difference. I wonder where this leaves Orlando Steinhauer.

I'd have to say that Toronto won this trade clearly.

Actually, it was Arland Bruce III who caught the shovel pass for the TD over the Ti-Cats to break Moon's record, not Stokes.

Stokes was 70 000, Bruce was the record.


i knew it was either the 70K or the passing of moons record...couldnt remember.

Great deal for the Argos, going younger plus a Canadian to replace some of the vets recently cut on the D side.

I Don't Understand Some Of The Cuts The Argos Are Making On Defence. Great Move To Get Karikari But We've Already Got An Outstanding Saftey In Stienauer. And They've Let Go Of Bonner, England, And Now Ivory. It Just Seems That They're Making More Cuts Then They Need To In Order To Get Under The Cap.

Stokes Is Going To Shine In Montreal, Any Time Calvillo Can Get Extra Recievers He'll Make Them Look Good.

Don't worry, Als fans, this is good for us. Our team needs a new attitude. Last year's brand look unmotivated and sometimes a push-over. Karikari's tackling techinique isint great. Stokes wide range of abilities is.

EastSide, I agree about Karikari's tackling. It's the one aspect of his game I disliked. When you're a safety and often the last line of defence, you simply can't afford to make weak tackles or miss them altogether. We got burned on a few occasions because of that.