Argo's @ Al's

A big game for the Argo's and the Al's in the CFL east today when they play in Montreal, a win by Toronto will keep pace with the East division leading Tiger-Cats or a win for Montreal will keep their hopes alive for a crossover in the West Division Finals.

Thanksgiving Day Monday October 12/15 Argo's at Al's in Montreal Game time 1:00pm on TSN.

Happy Thanksgiving Ti-Cat & CFL Fans across Canada!

    GP   W	L	T	PTS	 F	 A

Al's 13 5 8 0 10 280 282
Tor 13 8 5 0 16 350 383

Happy Thanksgiving back at you.

And, please, learn when not to use apostrophes, thanks kindly.

I will be especially thankful if the Argos lose!

Even though I hate the Dirty Birds I am pulling for them to win this one. Their D has looked human lately and if Harris has a game its over for Montreal.

Cato is out for the rest of the game

Depiction of Al's playoff chances now

Cato is out for the rest of the game

Depiction of Al's playoff chances now

Lets go Als :thup:

Anyone else ever get the feeling that Montreal thinks of every game as a practice for when they play the Tiger-Cats?

Low scoring till the fourth quarter, good defensive match up but not impressed by either team, Montreal almost made of a game of it in the dying seconds but Toronto held on. Great catch by Sam Giguere but the Al's drop another.

Montreal is very beatable for the Cats if hungry enough, don't see why they have such a tough time this year with the Al's?

Montreal may have a tough time now competing in their own race for a crossover in the West with Winnipeg, BC for that final spot as Winnipeg pulled out a win against BC.

The good thing in the CFL East is that Hamilton won the series against Toronto so even with a tie at the end of the season Hamilton would win, Toronto would still need to finnish the year with one more victory than the Cats. Ottawa is still undecided but the back to back games coming up Shortly.


Can we not get a replay with the time and foot out of bounds?

Probably didn't have a camera on the clock. Never understood why they don't have the TSN clock synchronized to the official clock. Something about not all stadiums having the capability? Really?

But then how would he spell Collaro’s?