Unfortunately with just finishing the long weekend the past weekend TV numbers were not printed in any paper that I could find.
But today I did come across Rob Langley in the Toronto Sun and his ever more positive coverage of the CFL on a regular type basis.
The game average was 399,000 for TSN, being its highest of the year. Of note, the average is 329,000 so far.
What’s more impressive is how the OT numbers were a whopping 583,000.
Even when you consider the RDS numbers which are rarely printed, but last year the Als averaged close to 200,000 poer game, the math for this game is very imressive and no doubt won the weekend.

399,000 + 200,000 = 600,000 :thup: 8)

The only reason why it soared to 583000 in OT was because people wanted to watch the Riders vs. Lions game that was on after it. I watched both games, but was hoping that game would not go into OT. Though it was nice to see Rocky Butler get some playing time.

Whatever the reason, the numbers are massive and with the RDS factor, it becomes humongous.

Cool. The numbers can't be that surprising. They put on a pretty good show, I thought. :slight_smile:

the CFL is on the up and up.

if at seasons end the CFL can get to 32K fans per game then the CFL sets a new CFL record of fans through the gate with only 8 teams!!! (don't forget Labour day + big Owe games have yet to be played)

record was set in 2005(2.305M fans with 9 teams)

sponsorship should go up nicely if the league keeps increasing attendance + TV numbers.