Argos-Als preseason tilt (Thurs. June 21, 7 p.m.)

I will be following the action from Molson Stadium tonight on Montreal's CJAD-AM starting at 7 p.m.

The Game Preview is up at ... ked_id=202 .'s Play-by-Play and Game Stats Ticker will be at .


Oski Wee Wee,

the game is also available on the

Go Montreal

No - they have Blue Jays baseball

0-3 Montreal at the End of 1st QRT
Allen and Calivo Both Having Problems with the Blitz.

Montreal moving West to East in 2nd Qrt

Belli is having Real Problem at Noise Tackle.

Big surprise. What's his offside count so far?

1 Offside.. 2 Missed Tackles

Toronto 1 - Montreal 3

Typical Preseason Football alot of Mistakes.

Brady is in

TD Toronto on a Fumble From Watkins

Toronto 8 Montreal 3

Al’ Offence 69 Yards total
Argos Offence 86 Total Yards.

AC Back in

Argos 11 Montreal 3

End of Half

Watkins Catches a Bomb Down on 15 yard Line
1st Down Montreal 11.05 Sec left

CALVILLO Completed Pass to E. THURMON TD
11 Argos-10 Montreal

N. PREFONTAINE Missed Field Goal (59 yds), A. COBOURNE Missed Field Goal Return (111 yds) - Touchdown (Defence) (15:00)
Last play of the Half..

11-17 Montreal Half Time

31-26 Als 7:00 left.

McMahon looks a lot sharper than Allen at the moment.

Big plays on special teams, sloppiness, the usual preseason fare so far.

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