Argos-Als - Preseason Game 1 Discussion

Hi guys,

I missed the game, only saw the highlights. Did anyone manage to attend the game? Thoughts, insight?

Interesting to see Banks at least temporarily back in the QB mix. Green and Bratton impressed. Defense and special teams were apparently still works in progress.

I was rather impressed....Listened on the radio

From what I gathered(could be wrong)
Montreal's third, forth and fifth QBs scored 34 points on Toronto's 1 and second team. While Toronto's 1st and second team scored 34 points on Montreal's 3rd and fourth team...

Mtl was down by 14 and scored 24 unanswered points
Managed to come back from a 10 point deficit late in the game.....

Not bad at all for a bunch of rookies in the first preseason game

It sounded like (Based on what I read in the newspaper) that it was an entertaining game for a pre-season game.

Just goes to show what MadJack's predictions are worth. Seems to me I singled out Banks, Bratton, and Green to all not make the team this year in another thread.

Looks like everyone played well. This makes cutting down the roster even more difficult. Guys aren't cutting themselves...

Team gave up four sacks but Macpherson said he had plenty of time to throw the ball.

Who would've known the Als would have a suplus of receivers and quarterbacks 10 days in to camp.

Early days but bright days...

Banks, McPherson and Santos exceeded my expectations.

Banks looked really comfortable in the pochet, when it started to break down, instead of running, he just re-located himself, and held onto the ball and made right decisions.

McPherson, I was really impressed on his footwork and speed. He has some moves for a big man. He threw well on the run, and sold the play action real well.

Santos looked a bit nervous, fumbling the first snap then tripping over his feet on the second, but made up with a pretty good game.

Defensively, the run defense looked real good. First play of the game, was a Touchdown, but for a bunch of young guys, it might of been nerves or something, but after the 1st 5 minutes, they really stood their ground, and defended their turf.

I think the Defensive Line's pass rushing was still below average. No Contain, the Argo QBs had a lot of room for the scramble, and they picked up big chunks of yards.

Special Teams, their coverage started flat, but once the 2nd half came by, they had EXCELLENT Punt Coverage. Discipline and respected the 5 yard rule, and they made the guy pay when he got the ball.

Returners weren't bad at all. Armstead got a nice return but called back, and Taylor had a nice kickoff return too, I think he was missing 1 block then he was gone.

Overall, I think it was a pass. I'm anxious to see how the veterans will respond. The fans left the stadium satisfied with the team's performance, and left me feeling good about this season!

I was there and here is my take. Banks and McPherson looked good. Proulx and Masson were horrible. Proulx can't cover a receiver and Masson was terrible on special teams. Good thing toronto never got outside on kickoff returns, because Masson was playing the outside position and was constantly taken out of the play.
I was interested in the comments in another forum about our excess of QB's. Believe me, we have no excess. I think AC will be lucky to make is past the first half of the first game. It's open season on QB's because our offensive line is horrible. We've gone from putting Fritz on the bench to having him start at LT. Seagraves is gone, Josh Bourke is injured and the rest are a year older and certainly no better. Another Popp misstep.

Defensive line was horrible. Playing mostly against Toronto's second and third units-- no pressure. Our DB's weren't bad, but had no chance when there was no pressure at all. Another Popp misstep.

Two other points Id like to make. Don't rely on anything Moffat says on CJAD. What a homer. I often come out of games, put on the radio on the way home and wonder how come we were at different places watching different games.


Who played on the D line last night? Any vets or just newbies? If all our vets played and our pass rush was still weak, we're in trouble.

I have no idea what Proulx is doing on the roster. He's probably going to retire at the end of the year anyway to pursue a career in law, he has problems in coverage, and he's seemingly made of glass. Is it wrong of me to hope that Boulay gets cut by the NFL so we can have a real safety again?

Anwar Stewart and Alan Kashama played, I know Keron Williams played, and played very well against the run. Anwar Stewart had a fumble recovery (In my opinion it was a fumble) but it was called back because they said Bishop was in throwing motion. They went to review, but didn't have many camera angles, I think that's why they couldn't over turn the ruling.

No, jut selfish :lol: But on that topic, I think we're all just as selfish. I really like Boulay.

Okay, so no Bowman or Claybrooks. Stewart had better have a strong year or it's over for him in Montreal. I have never been impressed with Kashama and his penchant for dumb 'roughing the passer' penalties at the worst times. Hopefully the new guys will add some mojo to the group because our pass rush last year was pitiful.

Actually, I forgot about Bowman. He did play, but didn’t play much. He played a lot less then Stewart and Kashama, that’s for sure.

I agree with you on Kashama, I think he only get’s praise because he finished #1 in sacks for us last season, before last night’s game, they awarded best O-Line and best D-Lineman of last year, and Kashama won the honors of being named best D-Lineman. They should of jumped and skip that award, because both lines were BRUTAL last season.

Defensively, there was 1 rookie, named Bruce Thornton #37 he played Cornerback, he was real impressive. He had 1 pick, and almost had another if he got, was gone. He was all over the place, I wouldn't be surprised if he led the Als in Tackles last night.

He did with 4. a couple other guys also had 4 tackles.

Sicard is making me a bit worried about the O-line. It's truly that we haven't really upgraded in this area. Bourke is injured and the rest are the same old bunch who let A.C. get killed game after game last season. Are we really hoping that last season was a fluke? If I see four or even three d-linemen consistently breaking through our O-line to sack the QB for big losses, I am going to get very angry at Popp for not bringing in talent to bolster what was arguably our weakest position last season.

IM not worried about the o-line. They went from one of the best to the worst in one season. This tells me that something was just not clicking. Had this happened over a few seasons it would be a different story.

Then again, what do I know?

I share the noted concerns re the offensive line. Bourke could be one of those unlucky guys who are very talented but injury prone. He did not finish a year in the NFL, nor last year with the Als and is again injured. Did Stala get into the game?

Just got back on the roster today.

On another note, can I just say that it's both encouraging and refreshing to have a head coach admit that he made a mistake? Trestman confessed in today's Gazette that he should not have had Duval kick into the wind in the third quarter with the team backed up in its own end. He said he should have been managing the game better.

What a difference from Popp, that's all I'm going to say. :slight_smile:

It might be a mistake from a tactical point of view but in a pre-season game. I think kicking and covering his good practice. What do you practice from taking a knee in your end zone?