Argos-Als Oct. 18 2008

The positive:

Another dominant performance from A.C.
Watkins gets back into the mix with a TD and a great game overall.
The sack attack continues. D-line really stepped it up.

The negative:

Why do we always forget about the running game? It's absurd how little we run the ball. A good offense is balanced, and we weren't balanced today.
Terrible coverage. Once again, we make one of the worst offenses in the league look like the reincarnation of Doug Flutie.
Special teams woes continue. A miss for Duval, poor coverage against Toronto. Game in and game out, we're in a field-position deficit.
Calling AC's number on a third-and-short? One late hit and our Grey Cup hopes are gone. Dunigan is 100% correct: Brady needs to get quality reps before the playoffs in case anything happens to Calvillo.
Can you name a single game this season that our defense has won for us? A single one? Because I can't. Sure, they'll have games when they hold opponents to a handful of points, but those games always feature our offense putting up 30+ points on the night. When push comes to shove and our offense has an off-night, will our defense be able to win a low-scoring game for us? I doubt it.

How about the game where the D held off the BC Lions at the 1 yard line, not once but 3 times to win the game ?

This said, I agree with you about the running game, also they seem to be going for the long play very often when clearly one of the reason the offense has been so successfull this year was the short quick pass. But then again, the offense still put 43 points on the she coreboard so... really... can't complain. As for the D, the passing coverage was poor but you have to give credit to Joseph he was very accurate after the first quarter.

IMO not applicable:

The only reason they had to do that was because they weren't good enough to keep the Lions from marching down the field at will all game, or on that drive. Giving up 500 yards of offense to the other team isn't winning the game for your team.

Also, they managed to go off-side twice on that play, and benefited from Pierce fumbling the snap on third down.

That's not winning a game for your team. That's clinging on for dear life with a few strong goal-line stands at the end of a game to make up for the mistakes you made during the same game.

Yes ok I agree with you there. I guess the 2 games back to back (Edmonton and Sask) where the D allowed no TDs would have been a better example. But I do agree with you that our D is not very consistant and they were not impressive today.

I'm not saying the D hasn't turned in strong performances this season. They have, definitely. I'm saying that in the crunch, they have never won a game for us. We dominated offensively in the Edmonton game, which was over by halftime. Against Saskatchewan, we also dominated for most of the game, so the D had a lot of point cushion to work with. But what happens on a night when the offense is stymied? Can this defense shut the door and let us win a game, say, 17-13? I have yet to see it. The offense was shut down in the first Calgary game, but we lost 19-26. In the second Calgary game, the offense was turning the ball over too much, but the D didn't give us a stop and in fact let Burris score a TD with no time left on the clock throwing into triple coverage in the end zone. They came completely unravelled at the worst possible time and effectively put the game out of reach. Until they show they can be the difference in a tight, low-scoring game, we aren't winning a championship.

First congrats to the Als for a win on the road in a short week ! Awesome job!

This is just my opinion but with the Als set for the season. They are using the remaining games to refine things and the long passing game is one of the most dificult aspect of an offense. They know how to run the ball and can not improve very much on that aspect of the game, especialy with their playoff running back not playing today.

As far as Duval he never has great games against Toronto and once again they hit him after the ball was kicked. What is that 3 or 4 times now that the Argos rough him up in the last two seasons? Larry Taylor is a great returner, very consistent and hangs on to the ball.

Coverage on defense is probably the weakest aspect of the team but I'm thinking since they can win with their offense the Als are keeping some things in the pocket for the playoff games. Pressure is good, linebackers are the quickest in the league.

Overall this team is probably the most consistent in the league and by far the best at finishing in the red zone.

Things are looking good.

PS: Shea keep your nasty side in check :slight_smile:

Anyone has news on Diedrick and Imoh ?

Imoh was just a cramp as far as I know

The defensive line [Wiliams Bowman,Stewart Claybrooks] appear seem very good to me. They have a good rush on the QB and are very good against the run. If this team has a defensive problem it has to be somewhere at linebacking or defensive half. It is difficult to rate these guys on TV as the camera follows the offensive action. To really rate the defensive backfield, one should attend the game. I would like to hear from those attendant fans on their perceptions of our defense. The Als do give their opponents lots of scoring!

Having gone to an Als-Argos game this year, I will definitely say that our secondary coverage is poor, both in man and in zone. Our zones are too soft and too predictable: veteran receivers can find the soft spots in coverage, settle in, and wait for the pass. In man, we get burned or beaten most of the time and aren't able to make a play one on one if it's a 'contested catch' (I hate the term, but it's applicable here).

What makes me think it's a coaching issue (Burke and possibly Casey Creehan, who I believe is the secondary coach?) is the fact that it's essentially the same secondary as last year (Estelle, Sanchez, Cox, Drew/Hendrix, Boulay/Proulx; Carter is the only new addition), but suddenly we can't cover. One thing I loved about Chris Jones was his insistence on being able to play tight man coverage. This year, it seems like our man coverage has fallen off; it also seems like our looks are too easily read by opposing quarterbacks, because they beat us on second and long with disturbing regularity.

As much as we've lauded Trestman for taking essentially the same personnel on offense and building the most potent attack in the league, I think we have to blame Burke for taking the same personnel on defense -- the only changes have been improvements (Keron Williams, Reggie Hunt, Jermaine McElveen) -- and actually giving us a worse defense!

I will never forgive Popp for screwing around with Chris Jones. If he'd kept Jones happy, just imagine what a juggernaut we'd be right now.

No question there is a drop from Jones to Burke. If the Als weren't averaging 36 points a game on offense, this team would be around the same as it was last season (8-10). Also the injury to Randy Drew has really hurt the backfield. I'm hoping they have something in their pocket or it could cost them a great season.