Argos Als Nov 7th 2010

Pierre Vercheval couldn't of said it any better. Instead of Duval going up to Desriveaux and giving him a tap on the ass telling him it's ok kid. He has to to make hand signs shake his head and go walk by himself and stand by himself on the sidelines. This guy is the biggest loser. I really hope we have another kicker/punter next year!

Get those 15 yard penalty's out of our system now, because if I see any of those stupid penalty's in the playoffs I will be pretty peeved!!

Sould I be mad or am I supposed to not care? What I see is pretty much our regular defence on the field minus Cox. I mean were getting torched by a team that scores on average 19 points a game.

Pretty much the game I expected, except that Toronto's backup QB is shredding our defense. Tim Burke, the clock is ticking on your job...

McPherson has looked good running, but not so good passing: happy feet, overthrowing or underthrowing receivers, not standing in the pocket and making the necessary throw. I wonder if he'll play the whole game, given his subpar performance thus far. Maybe we'll see Leak or Santos in the second half?

Maypray is having a very solid game.

Anwar isn't playing either, and it sure looks like we're resting a few players in our secondary.

On the other hand, it was Dix getting embarrassed by a rookie for a TD yet again. Shades of Greg Carr...

McPherson was asleep all 1st half
Truly an unimportant game for everyone I guess
Painful to watch
What's with Hawkins and what....4 drops?


Guess Maypray is one of the few Alouettes with something to prove
Too bad he couldn't have done that all year

I know it's just me and conventional wisdom would dictate that you rest the veterans, but i hate losing football games! To me there is no such thing as a meaningless game. By allowing the Argos to do what they are doing (and rather well, I might add), that can give them a degree of "bragging rights" - i.e. look what we're doing to your D with backups! A thing like that could come back to haunt us if we meet them in the East Final. I sure hope that the Als use the bye week to get ready. Both the Ticats and Argos have much-improved teams and neither one nor the other will be a pushover.

well they wouldn't be playing all backups on the offence if they were seriously even trying to win the game

That's why there have been like 60% drops on passes
Who's going to put themselves in harm's way when the game's been declared a gimme

I just feel sorry for the fans who paid to watch this garbage

Duane Forde just made an astute comment that the East is now much more balanced with the improved play of the Argos and Ticats. I would add that the Bombers are not far off the mark either. It may well be a toss-up who wins the East next season.

For the Als, that means finding new wrinkles and new ways to win. We have all discussed the secondary and STs. That, for sure, will require fine tuning, perhaps with new personnel here and there. On O, there will have to be a better mix of run-pass and more creativity in that department.

The commentators have also suggeted that AC may want a shot at all-time passing records, so he may well be back next season as well.

AD looked flat this game. Mind you, having receivers drop catchable passes never helps! Alas, the price one pays when backups get no reps.

Well, I half expected this to be a pre-season game, and it was.

However, a very worrying scenario is (sigh) all the stupid penalties - again! Emery better start minding his Ps and Qs. If he keeps doing this, he'll play his way of the starting roster. This is not good news heading into the East Final.

I've run out of patience with Emry. If I were in charge, I'd relegate him to a backup role next season and give the starter's job to Guzman. Emry has been nothing but once giant liability through 18 games. Selfish penalties, bad tackling, bad angles to tackling, not reading the play correctly, not able to control the other team's RB on pass plays.

McPherson was brutal today as a passer. Really, really bad. But that's all right. He's too talented not to improve. And while he had some receiver drops, he couldn't hit water falling out of a boat for most of this game. Overthrows, underthrows, passes behind the receivers or out of their reach -- pas fort.

The bigger worry is our defense, which looked as poor today as they have frequently looked this season. Guys don't seem to want to make tackles and the coverage is porous. I sincerely hope it's not just the letdown of a meaningless game. God help us if they play like this in the eastern final.

I wish I can take my excitment of Leroy Vann back. He is garbage point final, on both sides of the ball. I thought Maypray was bad but he may of found his way back into the lineup after todays game.

Well, it is a counter-perfect weekend for me (how do we say something that is perfectly against us?). Canadiens lost, Patriots lost, Lions got the last playoff spot and now this.


But I guess I asked for it. I only hope that Trestman has more cards up his sleeve, because if the last three games against the semi-finalists are any indication, the Alouettes will have their work cut out for them on 21 November. My sympathy to all the brave souls at Molson stadium who stayed behind until the bitter end in the cold.

Maypray outplayed him on kick returns, certainly. But I hardly think it's fair to say he's garbage at cornerback after such a short evaluation time. The issue I have with Vann is that he doesn't appear to be very fast. Either he's out of shape or he's lost a step from his college days, but regardless of the reason, he doesn't seem to have the extra gear necessary to be a good KR in this league.

For sure the Argos second team can beat the Als second team anytime. I'd feel pretty good If I were the Argos coach. Dalton Bell was impressive with his leadership and his passing and, one really has to wonder if he has won the starting QB role from Cleo Lemon? Toronto also have a very good back in Wright who stormed over the Als defense. Spencer Watt- a NI receiver, looked very good and, I could not help but wonder- where has this guy been all season. The offensive line did give McPherson plenty of time to pass [ this is the first time I remember seeing Steenberger in regular play ]and,this was the only positive note re this game. Goodbye Mr Vann- poor in both offense and defense! Hawkins suprises me! He was so good last year but was subpar today. There was a note in the Montreal Gazette today indicating that McPherson's status, his option year, makes him eligible for an NFL offer in 2011. Whatever happens, he is not doing himself any good by languishing on the bench- he is not this year playing with the desire/ skill of 2009!

I have to feel some sorrow that Jesse Lumsden is again out with injury. He , when healthy, was such a great back. I am reminded of Eric LaPointe who was also the best in the CIS. LaPointe played with both Toronto and Hamilton after a great CIS career.Matthews gave LaPointe an opportunity to become the team's elite back and, he was up to the challenge. He was a quick yet, powerful fullback but, like Lumsden, was injury prone and, released by the Als. One final comment, the CFL has produced some great FG kickers with Palardy, Luca Conji, Rob Maver, Jamie Boreman, and others. There is more of this now in the CIS such as Chris Milo of Laval and, Arron Ifield of Calgary. I do hope the team will acquire a NI for this position.

These guys played with no no spark, no intensity, no guts, in fact I don't think they felt like playing at all. They couldn't run, couldn't catch, couldn't kick (Duval has to go NOW), couldn't throw, our defense looked like swiss cheese, they couldn't cover, could't run, couldn't tackle, special team couldn't block and again kick (again Duval has to go, how many kick did he shank tonight ???) Emry again hurting the team with extra stupid penalties, as for AM, I don't think AC could have done much more with what he had in front of him, however, he's going to have to learn to read the game much faster. The only people doing what they were supposed to do there were the 25000 people (including me) who paid a full price ticket and got a much lower grade product than they were expecting. I understand that this game was meaningless and that the team was trying to avoid injuries but to take half the roster away.... Football is a game of momentum and we sure have none of it right now. Also, I think this organization deeply disrespected its fans today. :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

I couldn’t agree more
It was a shameful display
The Alouettes as a group ought to apologize to their paying fans for
One of the worst games it’s been my misfortune to watch

I can still believe…I guess
It’s just getting harder and harder
To trust them to pull it off
No matter who they end up playing

ah geez…and you finally had your guy at QB…still complaining.
get your money back…got two weeks to complain about Cavillo.

My guy played as bad as anyone else today
Your guy really tore it up 2 weeks go against Hamilton....not

One way or another somebody's going to have to step up if we're going to get past the East Final
Or at least show up...

I totally agree about Leroy Vann
But I'm not altogether sure it's speed he's lost
How do you lose that much in so short a time?
He just seems unwilling to mix it up
Runs like he's afraid of getting hurt or something

He had a long look down south
So I'm sure they saw something in him that wasn't just in those videos

Personally I think he has a bad case of CFL-itis
He thought he'd come up from college ball
Broke all kinds of return records
And the NFL would embrace him and...fame...riches

And here he is up in Montreal
He runs like a broken man
One thing I noticed from his interviews...the guy's not that bright
And he's been a huge disappointment
The Als could've used that YouTube guy

Or maybe it's Samson's hair all over again?