Argos, Als Injury Reports: Edwards among Argos not practicing Sunday

TORONTO — The Toronto Argonauts and Montreal Alouettes have filed their first injury reports of the week ahead of their meeting at BMO Field on Thursday.

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Tannenbaum's M.L.S E. needs to get off their butts & SPEND money & market/ADVERTISE the Argonauts! M.L.S.E. spends millions of dollars marketing its' other teams. SO, WHY are they not doing that with the Argos?! Their 'effort' promoting the Argos has been poor & unprofessional. M.L.S.E. needs to take some lessons from the community-owned C.F.L. teams. M.L.S.E. is a billion dollar corporation so there is NO reason why they can not get 25,000 to 30,000 fans to each game!

The Toronto Argonauts have had serious "live gate" issues since the mid-seventies. At that time the CNE-Canadian National Exhibition stadium was their home base. The Argos should be "sold out" every game in my hometown opinion. No slick marketing campaign will encourage Toronto fans to the greatest show on turf. All the die hard fans are dead and buried :exclamation:
Leo Cahill & Joe Theisman