Argos Als In Atlantic region

Has the CFL Officially announced where this game will be?
Moncton has got to be the only site host such a game.

Suppose to be announced when Randy takes his road show to Halifax shortly.

Game going to be played in Moncton, surprise surprise. But the other thing we learned is that the Atlantic team plans on starting to play in 2020 using the Moncton stadium the first year. Moncton’s 10,000 seat stadium can be enlarged with temporary seats to 20,000 apparently. Thought it was closer to 15-16,000 for Touchdown Atlantic.

Starting to make sense now about the talk of reducing the national numbers by 2. Take two off each team and add 19-20 for the roster of the Schooners. Either that or the Global players are going to be included with the Nationals.