Argos / Al's Game Tonight

8) According to the Argos, ticket sales for tonights game in Hamilton are tracking lower than last weeks poor
 attendance for the Calgary/Argo game here !!

   Attendance for that game was announced at 3,401, but tonights game has only sold around 2,500 tickets !!!    <!-- s:oops: -->:oops:<!-- s:oops: --> 

    That is really a pathetic figure for sure, for what should be an exciting game, with playoff implications !!   

     The CFL should surely be embarrassed by this !!     <!-- s:oops: -->:oops:<!-- s:oops: -->

Does anyone want 4 free tickets? I ended up booking another engagement and forgot I had applied for them.

Surprise...there really are some Argo fans out there...I know of 8 that are going from my area :wink: I'm hoping for a good game and a Montreal win though:thup:

Let's hope for the sake of the "TV optics" that there is a good loud enthusiastic crowd. Toronto, this year has really had some bad luck with scheduling...No I don't wish what they have had to endure even on them.

It's not good for "OUR LEAGUE"...SHAME on ROGERS.

Call the principal at a nearby school...they will find some young ones to go...that's how to build new fans. :thup:

Bluejays are playing at the same time, nuff said! :expressionless:

A poor attendance in the ticats stadium is to be expected. The Blue team is the most hated sports team in Hamilton, always has been. As we know the majority of Toronto fans don't really support the CFL anymore. They are expecting an NFL team eventually.

Part of me would like to see a bare stadium against the Als tonight, but another part knows that probably isn't good for the CFL.

8) I think I know Grover that you would support the CFL instead of MLB !!
  Screw the Blue Jays, I will support the CFL before them !!!

There's no "probably" about it. The way the Argos have been treated by their landlord this season has damaged the CFL, without question. And that's not good for the Ticats. Kudos to the Ticats org and Bob Young for stepping up and providing them with a temporary home under such challenging circumstances.

Man The Mac football games at Ron Joyce get more than that ! :lol:

This looks really bad on us, as the game is in our house.

Come on Tiger-Cat fans. Tickets are cheap ($25-35). We expect to see one of these teams on our way to the Grey Cup. Should be a nice crisp autumn game.

Grab your friends. Let's pack the place!!!

I agree. There is NO reason why tonight's game and last week's vs Calgary couldn't have been played at the EMPTY RC aside from Rogers refusal to make the switch from baseball to football and back again a couple of times! After all, it would cost money (labour) - not that they haven't made enough from the Blue Jays playoff run and games which have resulted in mostly sold out crowds for the past month! :thdn: :thdn:

Of course even had the Argos been able to play in their "real" home stadium tonight, they would have probably still been in tough attendance wise with the Jays game on an hour later.

It doesn't look bad on us, The ticat fans hate the Blue team with a passion. Everyone that knows the rivalry probably would have that sick feeling going to see Toronto play in our home stadium.

If anyone looks bad, it's the fans of Toronto/ Toronto Organization.

Yes and No.

I was thinking about it earlier today and I'm not sure Argo fans should be tore down over this. They are the Toronto Argonauts, after all. When people plopped down their cash for seasons', no body anticipated travelling west an hour for any of those games. It's not the same as us in Hamil-Guelph. We had a season scheduled there, and a full off-season to make arrangements - and still the place only held (if I recall correctly?) around 12 K.

All this coupled with the fact that had the team re-located to the Mountain, Aldershot or anywhere outside the lower city, I would have unquestionably cancelled my tickets.

So lets give the fans a break, be the best hosts we can be, and support all of OUR league's teams whenever we can :slight_smile:

Well put. Amazing how this sentiment seems to escape a lot of those on this forum. What's bad for the Argos is ultimately bad for the Tiger Cats. The league is too small for schadenfreude.

Unless Ricky Ray comes up with a miracle 4th quarter, the Cats will need to win just 1 of their remaining 3 games to host a playoff game. As noted earlier, in another thread, winning any 2 of their remaining 3 games will put the Eastern Final at THF.

Absolutely true, I have no sentiment for the Arholes, and the city of Hamilton should not be even questioned for poor attendance at Toronto playing in THF. The CFL will survive a couple games of bad attendance of their team playing in the ticats stadium.

Honestly, letting THF host a couple Argo games was a bad idea, compounded by minimal support in Toronto. Don't blame Hamilton for Toronto's poor decision . :cowboy:

The Toronto Argo's have High School football fans at best with low IQ's, they have a 100 year old team of tradition in the Argo's and the CFL and treat the team like crap.

Argo's are a good name for a team of Fair-weather fans!!


News Flash, I heard the reason for the poor attendance at the past two games in Hamilton for the Argo's is that UBER wouldn't drive out to THF it's out of the city limits of T.O.?

Remember to a Toronto Sports fan anything west of Bathurst or east of Jarvis is foreign to them!!

The main reason for the lousy attendance is their lousy play. I left at half-time last week with no interest in returning to THF this week to be subjected to another game like that. Sure the drive from TO in rush hour and the Jays game didn't help but it's the team itself that's killing fan interest.

An Argo-Cat fan