Argos must win at home.

With all the talk about marketing, promos and exposure the best way to appeal to the fans is WIN AT HOME.


The TV ratings for this game should be interesting. Monday night - nothing but a Jays game against the Padres as competition.

My wife and I will be there tonight with a friend.
GO ARGOS! :rockin:

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TiCat and TFC supporter in 1. Interesting combo.

Well have a great time.

There is one factor I have not brought up.

If there is no other motivation for the good people of Toronto to go to an Argos game, it is this.

The Argos cheerleaders are the hottest in the CFL . :thup:
Hi Jessie and Kelly.

IM unbiassed O

I remember way too many Eastern teams making it to the Grey Cup with 5-11 records and the like. Bumpy seems to be what the East does.

There are a lot of CFL/soccer mutual fans/supporters - you don't hear them yelling on twitter or the forums cause like 99% of the fans/supporters, they are not on twitter or forums.

I'm just a discussion forum junkie. :slight_smile:

In this millennium (i.e. since 2000), no eastern team has made it to the Grey Cup game with anything less than a .500 record. In fact, the last team to win the Grey Cup with a sub .500 record was the Calgary Stampeders (2001). So I'm not really sure what your recollection is based on.

The only 5-11 team that made it to the Cup was 81 OTT.

When I said bumpy, that had nothing to do with the East .
It had to do with this forum site. Things go OT and can get crazy out of hand.

You will learn that in time.

[i]Soccer is a girls activity (it is not even a sport)! :thdn:

Oh, and just what the forum needs, another Kitty Cat fan :cowboy:

Get ready for a guy that will constantly blame the refs and whine. :roll: [/i]

Told you so. ^^^^^^^^^^^

Hmmm....I'm old..memories not so hot. Was thinking about how many playoff teams had bad records.

1981 in particular but I seem to be thinking about the 70's through the late 80's with the record of the 2nd and 3rd place playoff teams in the east - there were some stinker seasons.


The refs have been bad for all my life - and I remember Garney Henley for Pete's sake. Whining about them is pointless.

To get this train back on it's rails I will contribute my prediction.

Argos - 27

Johnny's Lame Larks - 16

How does 23,000 sound for a nice night out at BMO ?

Welcome to the forum .. May I be the first to tell you.
SCREW TFC!!!!!!!! :rockin:

[i]Johnny's prediction. Argosnots 16, Alouettes 14. Yes, it will be a stinker of a game.

Only 17,000 will show uo to BMO (bad mouth odour) field. [/i]

Argos have some weapons on the O side.

Perhaps 23,000 is over optimistic on my part. Just hoping

BTW, I still think Johnny is getting nice. ( kitty Cats ) :smiley:

I saw your previous post before Johnny decided to edit.

Perhaps Brihind’s good natured class and charm is rubbing off on Johnny. :wink:

From your post to God's ear.

I don't think that is even slightly realistic but... Hope you're right :thup:

Hey, we should be proud of our girls. In fact I think we should leave it as their domain.

Considering there were barely ,5k there last game, anything over 10k will be decent.
I don't care what numbers teams release now. I honesy trust my own estimates way more.

[url=] ... TklAX13SuQ[/url]

If you go on this site, you will see tons of empty MLS stadiums that are technically sold out. The Blue Jays are on here about a week ago with 10k fans, yet they try to say that they are averaging 39k
Take note of the posts that give an actual time of the game.

Oh, Bungle…

Where are you sitting, tonight? I want to look for you.