:argos: Argos @ :als_red: Als Game Thread- Friday September 15, 2023

:argonauts: Toronto Argonauts
:als_red: Alouettes de Montréal

game time: 2023-09-15T23:00:00Z

preview - Marquee Matchup: Can Toronto complete the sweep? - CFL.ca

tracker - 2023-09-15 Game Tracker - MONTREAL Alouettes vs. TORONTO Argonauts (6361) - CFL.ca

Who do you think will win?
  • :argonauts: Toronto Argonauts
  • :als_red: Alouettes de Montréal
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Don’t see one of these yet so here it is. Game starts in one hour.

Can the Als improve on last week’s performance in their own barn?

As always I’m hoping it’s an entertaining game.

The last half hour before a game always goes so sloooooow…

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But its on now…

Montreal making the Argos punt the first couple possessions.

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haha late flag keeps the drive alive

I picked Argos in pool but would not be disappointed if they got their arses handed to them.

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I’ve had a feeling it is going to end up a lot closer than most people think. Especially since the Al’s signed Sankey. Hes a one man run stop machine…

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I wouldn’t have a problem with that either.

well that lead didn’t last long. I guess this game is over now :joy:

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No ability to stop Oulette apparently.


Holy smokes I just woke up haha.

Stayed up after my shift to run some errands with the gf expecting to be home and in bed by 9am but things went much longer than expected and didn’t get to sleep until 1pm. Didn’t miss to much it seems

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Well, Montreal has not coughed up the ball yet… so that’s better than last week


The MTL runningback did not block very well on that QB run

MTL does not block very well…

(fixed it for ya)

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Big PI call for mucho yardage.

Now accidental so 10 yards instead of 45. Good call I think.


At least they called it accidental PI.

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That was soft. Accidental pass interference???

Tell mack to pick up his feet :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

That definitely was accidental based on the replay so 10 yards rather than the point of the foul makes more sense.


Beautiful punt by Joseph Zema. There’s a reason he is 2nd in net average in the CFL.

The dude’s directional punting is unmatched.


I know we’re watching CFL but you could’ve shown Sankey’s highlights with the XFL’s Champion Arlington Renegades.

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I think Marshall Ferguson is a decent play by play guy. I prefer reserved over hysterics. Besides, Dunigan can take care of the hysterics. I don’t mind this broadcast team.

I expect we’ll see Dustbin and Suits for the late game where the hysterics role will be reversed.