Argos ALLEN , Simply AMAZES.!

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I didn't write this.......article.

And they like BISHOP as well. :smiley:

Excellent article! Allen impresses me more and more all the time!

He is a remarkable player no doubt.

What is great news for ARGO fans is that the ARGOS will be rested for the MONTREAL, rematch and ALLEN, will be starting.

And to think that we had Allen here in Hamilton at one time and they didn't think he could do the job, I guess that was it. Stupid.

Allen is a great QB. Too bad he got injured last game, he was on his way to a great game, he was almost perfect. And i say almost because perfection is not of this world. Bishop played well too. Agos receiving corp had a great one too, beside Soward who drop at least an easy ball(isnt it two drop ?).

Damon is in a good situation for him where the offence suits him, the team and fans support him. He is a great QB and sure hope for him and the League sake that he is not hurt bad.

Yeah. No one should be badly injured, but I wouldn't mind seeing Allen miss a game or two.

Ya but if he doesnt play against Montreal and we win, Toronto fans will have all kinds of excuses

ro, as much as I hate excuses, playing Bishop isn't playing Allen. You've got to concede that.

Would we win by 30 points, then Allen's injury would be an excuse. Would we win by 3, Allen's injury would be an explanation.

First you have to WIN. :lol: …as YOU have always have written " this is now " :wink:

Bishop , did well in the EAST FINAL last year and in the GREY CUP…AND I would get by …SASK…FIRST!

We can beat you with BISHOP.

If we beat MONTREAL on AUG 12th , your season may be over early this year…the ARGOS will have a 6 point lead…!

And there is still OTTAWA and HAMILTON to think about. :smiley:

BUT SASK…are not just going to ROLL over and die for Montreal.


Are you abusing your MOD power…? :lol:

No actually we have not…not in the case of the ARGOS…and poor MONTREAL… :lol: :wink:

No that was a quote :smiley:
from a different thread but a quote nevertheles

SO , it is O.K. for , thrid and ten , to accuse me of abusing my MOD power , which was proven not to be true… :roll:

AND IT IS o.k. FOR you …MY DOUBLE QUOTING was about a great guy and his way of fighting CANCER… :roll:



Here we go.

What does third and ten have to do with this?

Like I said it was a quote from a different thread not the previous thread.
You should know it was from a different thread because you are the one that wrote it.

SO why is the quote in a thread where it shouldn’t be…thrid and 10 , is your UMMMMMMMMMMM…buddy , lets say.

again, you are changing the topic… :roll:

The double quoting was for the cancer…part , of that thread…did you even read it?

So are you abusing your power then? :lol:

First of all let me say

Are you saying that only a mod can make a quote from a different thread?
Is that why you are bringing up T&T
If you think that then you are wrong.
And where did I change topic?

And by the way I never mentioned any names when I spoke about quoting.