Argos All-Canadian OLine Is Doomed To Fail

The idea of an All-Canadian OLine is a good one, but only if the team is willing to invest two or three years of building it through the draft or by signing some proven talent (as the Riders did with Labatte & Picard). But you can't throw a bunch of rejects from around the league and expect to be successful just because they happen to all be NIs. Even when Toronto used six OLinemen last night (St Pierre coming in as a blocking TE) they still couldn't do anything against Edmonton's front four. Couldn't open up any running lanes...couldn't give Ricky Ray enough time to throw...what's going to happen when they go up against a team that gets after it up front like BC or Winnipeg?

offensively, the worst thing about the argos is the play calling. Way too many under 5 yard dumps. Running backs totally misused.

Maybe they were forced to dump it off underneath because their receivers couldn't get open. Maybe the only choice they had was to take what was given to them. It almost worked.

Part of that was Ray not making his reads properly. He had receivers open frequently on deeper routes but got locked into one guy, then panicked and dumped off to the RB checkdown. As for the misuse of the running backs, the line can't run-block either. It's pathetic. Boyd had nowhere to go, no lane to follow. It's what you get when you give five mediocre Canadians starting jobs on the O-line because you can't draft or recruit quality NI players.

Most CFL teams have an all Canadian line. Edmonton won 5 Grey Cups in a row with 1. :thup:

actually I found the O line gave Ray more than enough time most of the time.

On one drive for a touchdown Ray had a wide open Durie. Ray checked all the other recievers, looked around, ignored the wide open durie who not only had nobody near him, but had nobody inbetween him and Ray, and threw it to someone else who didn’t make the catch in traffic, leading to a field goal so the argos didn’t take the lead.

Ray had enough time most of the time, for Edmonton apparently having a good d line, all the argos o line couldn’t do was open up lanes for Boyd,although boyd didn’t really get much of an oppourtunity to run, they kept dumping it off to him and leaving him stranded.

Factually incorrect. There's only one other team that starts an All Canadian OL - - Montreal. But the Als didn't just grab a few short armed fatties off the scrap heap - - they drafted every one of their Canadian OLine.

You may want to go back and re-read my first sentence.

The key with most defenses is getting pressure from just your front 4, doesn't matter who you have on the oline if the front 4 is getting constant pressure, the QB's only option is the dump as the rest of the field is covered with defenders.

I’ve wrote that this would be a tough season for RR. Kind of reminds me of Jason Maas situation when he came East. Playing his first game in Edmonton did not help. Ray needs to get his mind straight and quickly. The quicker he embraces his new opportunity the better for him and the Argos.

I'm not worried about Ray having his mind in the wrong place - - my concern is that his OLine is going to be a disaster. Ray can't scramble away from pressure like Durant or Lulay to buy himself time. He's a pure pocket passer and needs the protection to hold up and give him time to make the throws.

First order of business is to replace Keeping at C - - he got completely manhandled up front.

This is what I have always disliked about Ray...he has great numbers, but he is a short game passer. If they can work on their deep game they will be fine.

I was right about Edmonton. And the vast majority of O-line man are Canadian born.

I think that it is a little to early to write off the ARGOS after just 1 game.

I don't want to read any more of your postings because from day 1 you have been nothing but negative and acted like a jerk. :thdn:

And there we have the typical Argo fan response...a team that's won 22 games over the past four seasons and continues to make insanely bad personnel decisions should be immune from criticism? I can't figure out why the handful of hardcore Argo fans who actually take the time to post on fan message boards continue to wave their pom-poms and endure one losing season after another.

Are you just happy to be a part of the failure? Must be a Toronto thing, because it's the same situation with the Leafs - - only difference is unlike the football team, the hockey team actually sells tickets.

True the 4 man rush cover D is effective, But at some time the DC will have to call a blitz to pressure a running qb. IE as Don Suthern FAILED to do Hamilton vs Calgary 1998 GC!

Toronto signs import OT Tony Washington - - looks like the coaches might be realizing the current OLine is garbage.

These changes are common in the CFL. Its about chemistry


...I think he means this
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Big ups to the Toronto coaching staff and GM for finally pulling the plug on the failed All Canadian OLine debacle:

Milanovich announced the end of an all-Canadian experiment on the O-line, with former left tackle Wayne Smith likely moving to guard and six-foot-seven, 295-pound import Tony Washington taking over as Ray’s blindside protector for Saturday’s game in Calgary. Washington played there before his training camp release last season.

No idea why it would take brilliant football minds like Milanovich and Jim Baker seven weeks to figure out the All Canadian OLine in Toronto was a complete disaster, but better late than never.