Argos after Ray?????? And Now Have Him

FYI as an argo fan I don't agree with this, it will take so much to get him and he is getting older

look at

why would edmonton want to trade him anyways i dont get it

they were...

they aren't anymore.

why would tillman ever think of such a move?
Ray still has 10 years in him, and will likely break all Calvillo's records.

Well talks could still be going on; Tillman after Burris perhaps?

if Tillman actually gets Burris, he will have lost his touch.

why would he want BURRIS??

the guy was already losing his game last year , if Tillman wants a guy who doesn't have it anymore he's crazy.

This seems like a strange move for the Eskimos to make. In the CFL, only elite QB win the Grey Cup, so if you don't have a top 3 QB - you can forget about it. Tillman is smart and knows this, so my only conclusion would be that he feels Ray is past his prime and can't get the job done. Once again, weird because he's only 32 and showed this season that when he has a decent O-line and guys who can actually catch the ball, that he's still good.

The Argo's have made a trade for Ray; more to follow.

Interesting, his arm is somewhat weaker now than it used to be but he has a lot of experience that could really help with the Argos.

Wow. Once again, I can’t help but think that Tillman is selling Toronto some damaged goods in some way. I mean honestly, who is the better GM, him or Barker?

At least, this is a block buster deal, which doesn’t happen often in the CFL. Likely the last time was in 2007 (or early 2008?) when the riders traded Kerry Joseph the the argos…I guess we know how that ended up. Curiously it was Tillman who also made that trade.

Clearly the Argonauts have won this deal.

I never thought Tillman would trade a proven starter for someone who still isn't proven.

wow... :o

I don't know how/and or what to think at this moment...surprised myself; will sit on it for a bit I guess.

If this is true the Eskimos are giving Ray away to the Argos for basically nothing. Steven Jyles? Grant Shaw? :roll:

toronto clearly has tunnel vision for next year
there is no way this happens without a first round pick or a cory boyd/chad owens/ricky foley type thrown in

i really thought Ray was an 'untouchable' and would be an eskimo until he retired.
the argos take the East next year. they just keep making great off-season moves.

yup, nothing else.

they wanna free up money. they don't want to take on more money.

well with Tillman nothing is untouchable.

you saw it last year and you are seeing it again this year.

Ray has plans and in order to accomodate those plans he needs to free up the salary cap.

they get a first round pick too

I just read that he was traded to the Argos... holy shocker.. wonderi if its true

Ray seemed to bounce back last season and has both the experience and is young enough to keep playing for a while. Jyles has potential and is still relatively young but is unproven. He also comes with a kicker who may or may not start and a draft pick which could turn out anyway. Very risky move by the Eskimos. If Shaw becomes a starter, Jyles proves himself and the draft pick becomes a starter then it will likely be worth it, but as of now, it looks like Toronto got the better deal.

Eskimos still have Joseph.. maybe they want to go more that way..
(at least I think they stil have Joseph... interesting trade tho...